10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions

Everybody has listened countless times that “Age doesn't matter if you have talent and skills.” I think this is 100% precise statement and anyone can't prove this statement wrong. 

This statement is not only applicable for any particular business or particular work, you can achieve grand success in any industry depending upon how much spirit and passion you have to do that work.

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions

And so in this article, I am going to share about some famous and young App Developers in world who has really proved it. An Interesting thing you can notice, these all App Developers are below 30 year age and earned millions. Let's know what they have proved within this age;

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10 Youngest App Developers Who made millions before turning 30

(1) Alexandra Jordan

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions
Age: 9
Role: Founder
Alexandra Jordan surprised all the people when she presented her playdate app (Super Fun Kid Time) at TechCrunch Disrupt. Jordan developed this app for scheduling kids' playdates. With SuperFunKidTime app, you could just select who you want to have playdate during school vacations. Even though, the app hasn't officially launched but 5,000 people have already signed up to use this app.

(2) Ryan Orboch

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions
Age: 17
App name: Finish
Role: Founder/CEO
Ryan Orbuch developed an effective iOS app Finish along with his partner Michael Hansen. Finish is a task management app which provides alerts, alerts or notifications for keeping on track and getting things done on time.

(3) Alex Godin

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions
Age: 19
App name: Dispatch
Role: Founder
Alex Godin is son of marketing guru Seth Godin. He was the second youngest person (at 17) who participated in TechStars. Brilliantly, he taught himself to code in a week and developed the Dispatch. Dispatch is now merged with Meetup

(4) Mohammed Jisrawi

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions
Age: 25
App name: Foodspotting
Role: Lead iPhone developer
Mohammed Jisrawi has worked as an iPhone developer for Foodspotting. At Foodspotting, he played a devoted and huge role in building the Foodspotting camera and company’s app redesign. After Foodspotting, he is currently working as a software engineer in Apple.

(5) Samantha John

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions
Age: 26
App name: Hopscotch
Role: Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer
Samantha John is Co-Founder at Hopscotch Technologies. Hopscotch is working like a mission. The purpose of Hopscotch is to teach all kids about code using very simple, intuitive building blocks. Using Hopscotch kids are being able to code their own projects very nicely. Samantha John was working at Pivotal Labs before the Hopscotch.

(6) Patrick Moberg

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions
Age: 26
App name: Dots
Role: Developer
Patrick Moberg created a very much appreciable and addicting puzzle game named Dots. Interesting thing is, Moberg had never created any game before creating Dots. But he designed and built this amazing app just within three months. Before making Dots, Patrick moberg has already worked for Spurd, quote sharing site Banters and Inc.

(7) Michael Phelps

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions
Age: 27
App name: Battery Go
Role: Co-Founder
Michael Phelps created a very useful app named Battery Go with her college friends Cameron Banga and Jeff Lange. This app was a big hit in the list of paid apps. Just after launching Battery Go app, within 48 hours the app reached at the top 100 on the list of Apple's paid applications. He was the student of Valparaiso University and now working for an app development company 9 Magnets.

(8) Greg Wohlwend

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions
Age: 29
Role: Developer
Greg Wohlwend is a very famous name in app developers. He really loves to create games. Wohlwend created impressively an awesome game called Ridiculous Fishing. He made many popular and interesting games such as Hundreds, Puzzlejuice, Solipskier, and Gasketball. Greg Wohlwend also won the Apples Design Award in 2013.

(9) Max Weiner

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions
Age: 29
App Name: Pocket
Role: Android developer
Before joining Read It Later team, Max Weiner was a freelancer. He developed a useful Android app called Pocket. The app allows you to save anything which you find online. You can freely pocket Articles, videos, recipes and many more things from your favorite Browser.

(10) Colin Kroll

10 Youngest App Developers Who Made Millions
Age: 29
App name: Vine
Role: Chief Technology Officer
Most of the people are familiar with Vine because this is Twitter's 6-Second Video Sharing App. Colin Kroll co-founded Vine with Rus Yusupov and Dom Hofman. They sold it to Twitter for about $1 million. Kroll and Hofman has already worked together at Jetsetter, Gilt Groupes travel site before founding Vine.

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