Wishpicker – An Amazing Startup that Helps You Decide What to Gift

No matter what the occasion is, all of us are always looking for the best gifts for our loved ones. Most of us get confused when it comes to deciding what to gift to our loved ones and this is what Wishpicker is going to rescue you from.

Wishpicker is an exciting new startup that helps you decide what to gift to your loved ones. It lets you choose gifts based on the recipient’s age, your relationship with them, and the occasion for gifting.

One of the most appealing features about this website is that they suggest gifts based on the likes and interests of your loved ones as per their Facebook profile. The process to find the perfect gift for your loved ones is made as easy as it could be – you can freely choose ‘Romantic-Anniversary-Gift-For-Wife’ or ‘Creative-Birthday-Gift-For-Geeky-Youth (Unmarried)-Brother’ according to your wish.

Wishpicker – An Amazing Startup that Helps You Decide What to Gift

The story behind how Wishpicker came into being is as interesting as its concept – Apurv Bansal was in Mumbai and had no clue as to what would be the best gift to get for his girlfriend, who was in Delhi. At the same time Prateek Rathore, Apurv’s batch mate from IIT Delhi was in Spain pursuing his Masters in Management when it was his parent’s anniversary and he didn’t know what to get them as a present.
Wishpicker – An Amazing Startup that Helps You Decide What to Gift
Apurv Bansal                        Prateek Rathore

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Eventually, Prateek had to end up asking his sister in India, to buy a box of chocolates for them. The two of them realized that this was a huge problem and decided to solve it by starting their own company. They launched Wishpicker.com about 6 months back and are currently a team of 8.

Wishpicker – An Amazing Startup that Helps You Decide What to Gift

I tested wishpicker by looking up a gift for wife. The results I found were all very well suited to young married girl’s taste. There were barely any boring gifts – in fact a few gifts were exceptionally creative and unique. For instance, name a star, custom newspaper (with her picture on it), and a few other quirky gifts. I had the option of filtering gifts based on her personality, style, and suited to my budget. They also have fantastic gifts for husband.

Wishpicker – An Amazing Startup that Helps You Decide What to Gift

On being questioned about the revenue model, Prateek said, “We have tied up with the major e-commerce players in the country - Flipkart, Ferns N Petals, HappilyUnmarried to name a few. This enables us to provide our customers with a wide variety of gifts to choose from. Our partners pay us a commission on every successful transaction that we generate for them”.

According to Apurv, their USP is the algorithm. “We have built in machine learning into our complex mathematical algorithm. This ensures that our algorithm becomes more and more intelligent with every passing day”, he added. He mentioned that there was a team of gift curators that lent a human touch to ensure that all gifts that wishpicker recommended were very tasteful.
When asked about their future plans, Prateek said “Deciding what to gift is a problem faced by people around the world. Given the technology that we have built into our recommendation algorithm, and based on the response that we have gotten over the past 5 months, we are confident that we have a solution to this problem. As a result, we plan to expand internationally very soon”.

Thus we can proudly say that Wishpicker is the best option to decide what to gift anyone. In other word it can be said - you decide which person you have to gift and Wishpicker will decide what to gift. 

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