August 12, 2014

Import Contacts from Old Smartphone to Xiaomi Mi3

Have you faced problem in importing contacts from old smartphone to Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone?

If yes, then now it's time to be happy. Because after reading this article your problem will be completely solved. Today, we are here with a very nice tutorial related to Import/Export Contacts.

As we all know, Xiaomi Mi3 is the very latest android phone which comes with several impressive specs and features. Most importantly, the MIUI ROM of Mi3 phone helps you a lot to customize everything very easily without any trouble.

If you are also one of them who recently brought Xiaomi Mi3 android phone and wish to transfer all contacts from old smartphone to this latest smartphone then there is no need to install any third party android app or special set-up to complete the contacts importing process.

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Xiaomi Mi3 has an inbuilt feature called "Import from other phone" which offers you the facility to move contacts from your old smartphone to Mi3 phone. With this feature, you can easily import contacts from your old device like Apple, HTC, ZTE, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Nokia and many other phones too.

Let's follow the below given instructions to import contacts from old smartphone to Xiaomi Mi3 phone:

How to Import Contacts on Xiaomi Mi3 Android Smartphone
Step (1): At first, open the contacts app on your Xiaomi Mi3 and go to the Settings ---> Import/Export Contacts.

Step (2): On the next page, several options will appear such as: import from storage, import from SIM card, Import from other phone, and many other similar option too. But you have to select the option of “Import from other phone” to proceed.

Step (3): After that a list of device Brand will appear. From here, you have to choose the brand of your old phone (from where you wish to import contacts). 

For example: if you wish to import contacts from the Motorola smartphone then just tap on Motorola.

Step (4): Now, select the model of your old phone and simply proceed with the onscreen instructions on both smartphones to import the contacts readily. Onscreen instructions are very simple, so there is no any confusion.

Wow! You are done. Just within few moment contacts from your old smartphone to your latest Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone has been imported. Now you can start calling, texting, chatting with your friends and family members according to your wish.

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