VyprVPN: The Most Reliable and Secure Personal VPN

Most of us are pretty much familiar with the word VPN (virtual private network) and its beneficial uses. Basically, the virtual private network is a network technology that creates a secure network connection over a public network. Or in simple words, we can say that the personal VPN service secures your computer's internet connection to guarantee that all of the data (important file or folders etc) you're sending and receiving is perfectly encrypted and totally secure from prying eyes.

Nowadays, Internet Privacy and security are one of the most important things for the people Everyone wishes to have the best and most reliable VPN service to protect their privacy. If you are also one of them, I would like to actively recommend you to use VyprVPN Personal VPN service.

What is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is a top level secure personal VPN service (developed by the Golden Frog - a global online services provider) that offers completely secure, encrypted connections to the Internet to protect user privacy and security.

VyprVPN secure personal VPN

The VyprVPN VPN service is not only the most widely used virtual private network all across the world, but it's also one of the most renowned (VyprVPN has been around since 1994 as part of the Golden Frog) and fastest VPNs in the world. This reliable personal VPN service is perfectly providing its exclusive services all over the world with users in 195+ different countries through its unlimited worldwide server locations.

Why You Should Start Using a Personal VPN?

Some of you will think "Why do I need a personal VPN?" or "Is there any important reason to use a personal VPN service at home or office?” If this is true then firstly you need to know about the reasons people use personal VPN services. The basic concept of VPN service is as shown below:

Here's the short list of why you should start using a personal VPN service and why VyprVPN Secure Personal VPN service is appropriate solution for this task:

  • VPN Service Protects Your Privacy: Privacy protection is one of the most important reasons of using a VPN service and VyprVPN is specially designed for it. It impressively protects your online privacy and restricts your ISP (internet service provider) from monitoring and commanding your online conversations and other browsing activities. With the help of this personal VPN service, you can keep your location private and shift freely to your preference of various global VPN server locations.
  • VPN Service Provides Online Security: Everyone want to stay safe and away from the hackers and third-party snoops always prepared to steal your important information (emails, secured numbers, credit card info) and all other details. VyprVPN service is quite popular for securing the internet connection and offering encrypted Internet connection on several network types such as Wi-Fi Hotspots, Cellular Networks, and Private wired networks etc.
  • VPN Service Helps You to Hide Your Online identity: Using specific proxy software or browser to hide your IP address and access the web anonymously can be a little annoying task for you. However, if you use VyprVPN you won't have to worry about these tasks. You can enjoy all the desired things over the internet anonymously and your online identity will be perpetually secure.
  • VPN Service Offers Freedom to Use the Web According to Your Wish: There are lots of things that we generally don't dare to do online due to various reasons. But if you are really interested in enjoying a particular service online, then you can effortlessly restore your freedom using VyprVPN secure personal VPN service. VyprVPN allows you to prevent your ISP from restricting your connection speed and performing the deep packet inspection. You can easily bypass firewalls and content restrictions, and be the part of any of your preferred global VyprVPN locations.

Key Benefits and Exclusive features of VyprVPN

When comes to the matter of VyprVPN features, I can confidently assure you that if you start using VyprVPN it means you are going to get a special package deal of useful features. Here’s why VyprVPN is better than all other personal VPN services and what the most valuable features of VyprVPN service are:

  • 50+ Worldwide VyprVPN server locations
  • 700+ servers and 200,000+ global IPs
  • Faster result and unrestricted Internet speeds
  • No 3rd Parties (only you data and VyprVPN servers)
  • Highest level of speed and online security 
  • Multiple Operating Systems Support (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS)
  • No limit (Unlimited Speed, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Server Switching)
  • Multiple Protocols for Encryption (OpenVPN™, L2TP, PPTP, and Chameleon™)
  • Zero logging DNS available exclusively
  • NAT Firewall available for Additional Security
  • 24x7x365 support team to help you
  • 50GB of Dump Truck online storage
  • Exclusive integration of Apps and services with VyprVPN

After seeing all above-mentioned beneficial features of VyprVPN secure personal VPN service, I am quite sure you got the difference between VyprVPN and all other personal VPN services. 

VyprVPN Plan and Pricing

As an experienced and giant company, Golden Frog perfectly understands the needs of users and that's why they provide the VyprVPN service at a very affordable price. Currently, VyprVPN offers three different packages (VyprVPN Basic, VyprVPN Pro, VyprVPN Premier) along with VyprVPN for Business and VyprVPN free plan for limited time. Check the plan and pricing of VyprVPN secure personal VPN service:

VyprVPN pricing

I would recommend you to use the VyprVPN Pro or VyprVPN Premier plans of VyprVPN service, because as you can see they come with maximum security options. Start using VyprVPN service right now:

Try VyprVPN Free

Final Verdict

VyprVPN impressively own and maintain their own infrastructure which helps them to be able to deliver the user a more reliable, secure, and faster VPN connection. So, if you are looking for a most reliable and secure personal VPN service that supports all platforms like Mac OS X, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Linux, iOS, and Android etc then VyprVPN is the best option for you.

In addition to all these things, the Golden Frog website is also very simple to access and full with all required informations related to the VyprVPN product. Or simply it can be said that VyprVPN secure personal VPN service is all in one VPN service that splendidly protects your privacy and secures your internet connection.

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