Three Principles to Boost Your Website Conversion Rate

Well, some websites get more visitors, but they do not turn into customers. The reason is: lacking in something that does not increase your conversion rate. If you are suffering from the similar disease, then this article is just for you. It consists of three easy strategies which will help you in increasing the conversion rate of your website. 

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What will you prefer for your website - more visitors or more sales? It is obvious that one needs revenue and thus increased sales, at the end of the day. So, instead of striving to get more number of visitors, it is advisable to get more sales from the already existing number of visitors. 

So, what would you have to do for this? 

The answer is simple: work on your conversion rate skills. Improving the conversion rate of the website will let you make more profit with the minimal expense. So, here are some techniques that might help you to increase the conversion rate of your website. 

(1) Easy Navigation: Obvious, but the most important
Although it sounds obvious, but most companies fail to do so. Oh yes, the 'navigation'! Easier the navigation, better the visitor experience. If a visitor is enjoying going through the website, if he does not get stuck anywhere, if all his questions are answered easily, if he feels the flow of the website is perfect, only then he will like to deal with the website. Once his starts enjoying browsing on your website, he will become your permanent customer. If he finds the navigation hard, then he will leave your website in few seconds and shall never return back to you. So, making the navigation easy is the first and the foremost necessity to increase the conversion rate of your website. 

(2) Customer is King: Be honest and do not waste their time
The maximum number of times when a visitor leaves the website is because of the reason: He gets irritated by filling up a huge form. Do not ask for too much of information, ask only for the important and necessary ones. No user likes to waste their time in filling up the details in the huge forms. If you want all the details just to keep it in your data, then you may ask for it, but do not make it mandatory. 

Another important thing is to be open and honest about anything and everything on your website. If a user asks for an item which is out of stock, then let them know that it is not available for the time being. If possible, also let them know the number of days in which that item is likely to be in stock, probably. Also, be frank about the shipping charges. When a user adds an item to the cart, show him the total amount of money he will have to pay including the shipping charges. 

(3) Security: Let users know you are trust worthy
Although many people have started shopping online, yet there are still some who use websites just to gain information about the product. They still prefer to go to traditional shops and buy in person. They are still afraid to disclose their credit card details to you. If you want to increase the conversion rate of your website, you need to make them trust your website. Give them the sense of security by showing them privacy policy clearly and that you have SSL certificate.

Wrapping up
The above mentioned techniques will convert your visitors to customers. So, in order to get maximum leads, keep these points in mind and your website is sure to increase its conversion rate. Good luck for   that!

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I am Mark Spenser, working with PLAVEB, a Web design and development company based in Los Angeles, California providing web and mobile application development services. 

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