6 Most Useful Websites to Learn English Online

Learning English is one of the optimal decisions one can make in order to improve their communication skills. Because if you want to express your thought and knowledge in front of people then you will have to communicate with them, and for a good connection you must have good communication skills.

6 Most Useful Websites to Learn English Online

English is the standard form of communication and almost 300 million people use to speak English language worldwide to communicate with each other. Learning English will not only increase your confidence but it will also provide you a representation ability to impress your clients or colleagues. So if,

You have decided to learn English, but don't know from where? 


You don't have time for English coaching classes that offer guaranty to teach you English in 30 days?
Then this post will help you to learn English online for free without any tutor. According to me browsing Google is not sufficient to find the best (appropriate) English learning websites on the web. Google ordinarily brings you the common websites that you’ve already seen several times before, and you just can’t get easily those quality websites to learn English speaking online you are looking for.

So, I have listed few best websites to learn English online for free that you probably won’t ever find yourself. Let’s know about these useful websites to improve your communication skills.

Top 6 Best Websites to Learn English Online for free

We all are well familiar with the name BBC. BBC is the most famous radio channel and is translated into 30 different languages worldwide. People are learning English with it from that time when the Internet was not popular and people used to learn English from Radios.

6 Most Useful Websites to Learn English Online

BBC is the best place to get proper knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, business English etc. It offers various ways to learn English online such as quizzes, PDF downloads, audios, videos and the splendid community that they have built over the years. This website can improve your English skills effectively if you have little knowledge of English. So, please try it and share your view with us.

If you are looking for an website to Learn English Online with the maximum amount of English learning materials, tips and tricks, videos, tests and quizzes, vocabulary and grammar exercises, and numerous English Learning Tools then this is suitable website for you.

6 Most Useful Websites to Learn English Online

About.com covers various topics like: Beginning English, Intermediate English, Advanced English, Business English and Speaking, grammar and new lesson plans for TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, etc. I assure, you will be happy to see the collections of English learning materials.

It will be not wrong if i will say that Voice of America is almost similar to About.com. Yes...there is also lots of information to learn English online. Most importantly, voice of America teaches you the fluent American English which is a bonus point for learner.

6 Most Useful Websites to Learn English Online

Interesting thing with it is you can learn English by watching the latest news on various topics like World, USA, Business, Health, Education etc. this will not only improve your communication skills, but also will increase your General Knowledge effectively.

ABCYa.com is kid’s educational computer games & activities website that teaches English according to grade level. This website was designed for children to learn English online but novice adults can also use it. It offers several interesting words and typing games to learn or improve your English communication skills.

6 Most Useful Websites to Learn English Online

The infelicity of this website is it treats user just as a Basic English learner and so users will not get enormous quality of matter. We can say - it teaches English in fun.

ManyThings.org is a very simple website by design but very a very useful website by quality content and without ads. Notably this website is well known for its matching quizzes, crossword puzzles, and pronunciation. It also offers you more than hundred vocabulary lists and more than 20 different games.
6 Most Useful Websites to Learn English Online
Addition to these things Students can browse the given links to YouTube videos for more clearance and definitions. The content of this website is just perfect and you will learn English very correspondingly if you are censorious to learn English.

If you wish to improve not only your English listening skills, but also the English pronunciation, vocabulary, and the way of talking then I will blindly suggest you to use English Central. I have used this website and still using.

6 Most Useful Websites to Learn English Online

EnglishCentral provides you the options to learn English online with a speech recognition system. In other words we can say that user can learn English by listening, watching videos and speaking too. It has both free and paid account options, so you can use according to your requirements.

That's it! Now it's up to you that which website you choose to learn English online from the above mentioned Websites. Feel free to share your precious view with us through comments.

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