WhatsApp Lock - Protect Your WhatsApp Using Password Lock

There are lots of instant Messenger apps are available in market but WhatsApp has captured a wide area of smartphone users all across the world. Several amazing features of Whatsapp (messaging, photo sharing and video messaging etc) has attracted the heart of smartphone users and this is the main reason, people are not preferring to use traditional text SMS now in these days. 

As we all know, users have their countless private photos and messages in WhatsApp. So they want to keep it private and hidden from family members or friends and strangers. 

WhatsApp Lock - Protect Your WhatsApp Using Password Lock
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But what will be, if you sometimes hand over your phone to someone else or you have forgotten to lock your device?

Then it is possible that someone can easily read your messages and see your private photos on the phone. In this situation, you will feel like your all secrets have been disclosed and now you have nothing. But if you care about your privacy and want to protect WhatsApp with a password lock on Android device then a perfect app is available for you called WhatsApp Lock.
What is WhatsApp Lock?
WhatsApp Lock (Lock for WhatsApp Keep privacy) is a free and useful password lock app that allows you to protect your WhatsApp from paranoid family members or friends. In other words we can say WhatsApp Lock is an android app that lets you protect your WhatsApp privacy through password.

Interesting feature with this app is, It can capture the photos of those persons who tried to access your Whatsapp messages with wrong passwords. This feature will work if your android device has front camera. All captured photos will be stored safely in your device.

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How to use WhatsApp Lock app on Android phone
Step (1): Firstly, install WhatsApp Lock app on your device.

Step (2): When the installation will completed, it will ask you to enter 4 digits PIN. So, enter the 4 digits PIN according to your wish and on next screen just confirm again.

WhatsApp Lock - Protect Your WhatsApp Using Password Lock

Step (3): Now on the next screen you will see the options to turn ON or OFF password lock for Whatsapp. 

Step (4): Finally, you have to turn it ON

That’s it! Now WhatsApp Lock app has been successfully enabled on your android to protect Whatsapp. When you will feel that you don't require it then you can just turn it OFF (from step 4).
If you really wish to keep your WhatsApp conversations private then install this app and protect your privacy. After using this app you can freely hand over your phone to someone else for sometimes.

I assure, you will like this app so much. Give a try and share your experience about this app through comments. To get more useful android tips and tricks, tutorial, latest updates check out our Android Tips Section.

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