Top 5 Android Apps to Save the Battery of Android Device

It doesn't matter how much expensive luxury android device you are using if the Battery Life of your device is not sufficient for you. Short battery life is one of the major issues that’s been faced or still being faced by almost all the smartphone users around the world.

Since a huge population of smartphone users are using android device, so the issue of Short battery life are a biggest problem for all those people who are using Android device. 

Even you can't believe too much on the capacity of mAh battery which is included in your device, it will not last as long as you wish it to. Because, if the large capacity of mAh battery is included in your device then it means a large number of features also has integrated in the device by the manufacturer.

Many android users are finding a useful battery saving app for their devices and so i am going to listing top 5 Android Apps here. Read and select a battery saving app for your android device.

(1) DU Battery Saver
DU Battery Saver app is one of the most powerful apps that help you to enlarge more battery on your android device. The app impressively reduces the total amount of the battery that is being used without affecting your device's performance. It utilizes battery patterns to optimize the settings and also allows you to create your own modes, if you wish to do it.
Top 5 Android Apps to Save the Battery of Android Device

If you don't prefer to do more set-ups then you can just set “General” as your default mode and then it will start to work just like any normal battery saver app.

(2) Easy Battery Saver
If you're feeling so much irritation with the battery problems and you prefer to charge your device once a day then you must use Easy Battery Saver app. Easy Battery Saver app is exceptionally designed to extend the battery life of android device. The app has four preset saving modes such as Normal Mode, Super Power Saving Mode, Advanced Customized Mode and General Saving Mode. You can select any of them to solve your battery problem.

Top 5 Android Apps to Save the Battery of Android Device

If your device is on the verge of ending, Easy Battery Saver app can uplift it and provide you some more time to enjoy with your device.

(3) GO Battery Saver
GO Battery Saver app is really a mind-blowing app and it is much useful for all those people who wish to analyse how much battery they can save if they close specific programs or services on their device. 

Top 5 Android Apps to Save the Battery of Android Device

For instance, you can easily know that how much battery you will save if you turn OFF WiFi and Bluetooth on your device. Simply we can say, this app works just like an adviser that helps you to make decisions for saving your battery.

(4) JuiceDefender
Juice Defender is a power manager app which is contemplated to enlarge the battery life of your Android Device effectively. If you are searching an app that offers several options and different modes to help you in gaining more battery then this app is just perfect for you.

Top 5 Android Apps to Save the Battery of Android Device

Interesting thing with JuiceDefender app is, it automatically turns off all the power-greedy programs or services when you are not using them. For example, when you are not near to any WiFi signal, the app will privately turn off the WiFi transceiver in your android device.

(5) Battery Dr. Saver+Task Killer
Battery Dr. Saver app is an amazing battery saving app that allows you to kill all the tasks that are not in use. It also shows user’s device talk time, temperature and battery health and few more options too.  

Top 5 Android Apps to Save the Battery of Android Device

The app has a full charge alarm that alerts you when your device has been fully charged.

If you are really willing to save battery of your android device then you must try any of these above mentioned apps. I assure, you will love these apps after using once.

Feel free to write your comments about these battery saving apps. To get more useful apps, tutorials, tips and tricks, latest updates related to android check out our Android section.

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