January 28, 2014

A Simple Way to Find Out the IP Address of Email Sender

I know finding IP address of email sender is a very simple thing, because whenever we send an email message to anyone then few unwanted information goes along with our message which is known as header information. Header information involves IP address, which is also one of the most secrete thing of any user. 

But you should know that all the email service does not include header information.

For the example - Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail include IP addresses in outgoing message but Gmail doesn’t include the IP address of the sender. If you are unknown from this information of Gmail then you can know from here.

A Simple Way to Find Out the IP Address of Email Sender

In one case you can get IP address of email sender in gmail, if he or she is using a desktop email client like Mozilla Thunderbird or the Gmail app to send that email.

I personally feel that those people who use Gmail, sometimes they get irritated when they want to know the IP address of email sender and after several try becomes unable to find out. So, here’s the simple guide: 

How to Find the IP Address of Email Senders in Gmail
Step (1): Firstly, login to your Gmail account.

Step (2): Open the email message which IP address you want to know.

Step (3): Now Click on the inverted triangle symbol which is located on the top right of message and select the option Show original.

A Simple Way to Find Out the IP Address of Email Sender

Step (4): On next appeared page you will be able to see as shown in below screenshot. Now you have to press CTRL + F to bring up the search function within the web browser and just type "Received: from" in the search bar. The highlighted line will show you the IP address of the emails sender.

A Simple Way to Find Out the IP Address of Email Sender

That’s it! Now copy the IP address and use according to need like to find out the email Sender’s Location and other details.

I hope you liked this simple tutorial.  Feel free to share your view with us through the comments. If you want to more useful Email tips and tricks, latest updates related to Gmail then check out our Gmail section. Connect with us on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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