How to Easily Install Custom Fonts on Android Device

Many people feel attraction towards android devices due to the various options of device's look customization according to their wish. If you are unknown from these things then you should know that you can easily change the look of your android device by using multiple wallpapers, themes, icons, appropriate fonts and by installing lots of free launchers.

Simply it can be said that if you have rooted android device then there are several interesting ways in which you can easily personalize your Android device. I have already shared few articles related to the look customization of Android devices. If you have missed then check out right now: 
I personally feel that font plays a vital role in the goodliness of any devices. So today in this guide, I am going to explain how to download and install custom fonts on rooted android device. 

How to Easily Install Custom Fonts on Android Device

To perform this action, you need a rooted android phone with custom recovery installed. We should thank XDA member gianton for sharing more than 100 beautiful fonts for Android device.

I assure, you will feel surprised to see these silk-stocking fonts. All fonts are full flashable zips and will accommodatingly replace all containing stock Roboto fonts. These fonts work perfectly on any device running a 4.x.x ROM with TouchWiz, Sense 5/5.5, Google Play Edition, AOSP, ParanoidAndroid, CyanogenMod, MIUI and many others.

If you want to make your android device extra good looking then follow below mentioned step-wise guide. Here’s how:

Note: This Custom Fonts installing process will not add new fonts to your device, it will only replace the default fonts on your android device. In futures if you will wish to go back on the default font then you can go by the help of zip file with the stock Roboto fonts.

How to Download and Install Custom Fonts on Android 
Step (1): Firstly, Download fonts on your PC and extract zip file on your desktop.

Step (2): In the extracted folder you will see lots of flashabe fonts zip file as shown in below screenshot.

How to Easily Install Custom Fonts on Android Device

You have to select the one file which you wish to use on your device and move that Font ZIP file on your android phone from your PC. 

Step (3): Now turn off your android device and reboot the device in Recovery Mode.

Step (4): One thing must keep in your mind, always backup your current ROM before trying the fonts. If you want a complete backup of your device then try this method.

Step (5): In the recovery mode, select the “Install” option (when Backup with TWRP) or “install zip from SD card” option (when Backup with CWM).  Now select the fonts zip file and confirm the installation process.

Step (6): Just after confirming installation, the custom Fonts are installed on your android device. 

Step (7): Now, finally reboot the android device from the recovery Menu. That’s it.

Now enjoy the newly installed font on your android device. You will feel a great change in your android device look. 

Feel free to share your comments with us. To get more useful android tips and tricks, latest updates, android apps check out our Tips for android section. please share with us, if you have any other simple ways to Install Custom Fonts on Android Devices.
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