Viddme - A Simplest Way to Upload and Share Videos

Whenever we talk about video sharing website the name of YouTube always comes first, because YouTube is the largest and easiest video-sharing website in world. Approximately 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and this is the reason people like to see several types of user-generated videos, academic videos, political videos and full-length movies on YouTube

If you are a regular user of YouTube then you may notice one thing that no one can upload anonymous video on YouTube. While, there are lots of people who wish to share video anonymously.

Now question is - what is the option for those people??

For all those people who want to share video anonymously, Viddme is one of the best options. According to the various sources Viddme has been created especially for this purpose.

What is Viddme?
Viddme is an efficacious video sharing website that allows us to upload and share videos accommodatingly, even no signup required to use it. Interesting thing with Viddme is, it has ability to shorten the video link instantly so that you can quickly share it with your friends according to your wish.
Viddme - A Simplest way to upload and share videos

You haven't to face any complexity to upload your video. You have to only visit Viddme website and upload your video just by clicking or dragging on browser.

When you will drag video to upload then a pop window will appear to ask you the title and description of the video, but you can freely upload video without adding any title and description. You can also upload GIF images and it will automatically convert into video.

To manage (edit, delete etc) your uploaded videos you can also create an account which is completely free. One more interesting thing is, your real name will never be shown when you will share your video anywhere.

For the convenience of users, Viddme has offered free iOS and Android app to share videos directly from your smartphone. 
Viddme - A Simplest way to upload and share videos

Overall we can say Viddme is a very useful web application which is available for both PC, Smartphone. The simplicity of using this app is one of the best features and this is the main reason people are being attracted towards it.

Feel free to share your thought with us about this amazing web application. To get more useful tips and tricks, tech support and tutorials related to video sharing check out our Video section.
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