How to Check DND (Do Not Disturb) Status of Your Mobile Number

Check DND Status

Most of the people know about the DND service and they are taking benefit of this service. But may be some are still unknown from DND (Do Not Disturb), so let me explain first about DND.

What is DND service?
DND is a service which is provided By the Indian telecom companies to their users to stop annoying calls and SMS from telemarketers, banks and many other companies. DND service can be activated and deactivated by calling or by sending SMS. Different Telecom Company has their different DND activation and deactivation process.

Advantage of DND service: Many marketing companies prefer to promote their services, products through SMS or call because this a good way to send information about any services to the users directly. But sometimes user feels irritating from these unwanted call or SMS because they get disturbed during their important work. In this situation DND service is the best option for you to fix it. After activating the DND service, unwanted SMS or call will not disturb you anymore.        

Disadvantage of DND service: If you are an investor and prefer to send market updates by SMS to easy Investments then your SMS would not be delivered to the DND enabled mobile numbers.

How to Check (DND) Status of Mobile Number online
If you wish to know the DND status of any mobile number then DNDcheck is best option for you. One special feature of this website is that you can check the DND status of 5000 mobile numbers at a time. To check the DND Status of any Mobile Number:
  • Firstly go to DNDcheck website from here.
  • Now enter your mobile number and shown verification code.
  • Simply hit on submit button.
After submitting you will be able to see the DND status report as shown in below screenshot.
DND status
Thus you can see the easiness of checking DND status. Feel free to share your view with us through comments. To know more Mobile tips and tricks, latest updates click here.

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