How to Transfer Gmail Messages to Some Other Email Address

If you are feeling little bit irritating for check your daily email messages from different Gmail Addresses or want to shift all existing email messages from old Account to new Email Address. Then you should just apply the method described in this Article. See:How can Sign the Documents From Gmail.

Don’t think that, is it applicable or not for your new address like:,, even Google Apps (For your company- or also anywhere else. Gmail helps by providing the functional Mail Fetcher utility to us automatically transfer mails between Gmail to Gmail accounts or between Gmail and Outlook accounts. 

If you are willing to transfer your existing Gmail messages to some other email service that doesn’t tolerate POP3 based importing, then you should go for the use of an easy Google Script. That (Google Script) will auto-forward all your old Email messages one by one, to your desired new email address. Also see:How to accurately Guess Someone’s Email Address

Steps for Transfer process of Gmail Messages  
For assembling the script, firstly you will have to log on to your old Google account from where you want to shift your Email massages and then follow these given steps:

(1) At first Click here to copy the Mail transporting sheet to your Google Drive (interacted with old Gmail Address).
(2) After that you’ll see a new Gmail menu options in the Google Sheet. Then select Gmail -> Authorize to permit the script to retrieve your Gmail account.
(3) Now, once the script has been authorized, and then you will have to choose Gmail -> Transfer and then there type your new email address where the old messages are to be shifted. Above given photo will help you during complete these steps.

When you will complete these above steps then The Google Script will now run silently in the background and all the Email messages will shift from your old Gmail Accounts to the new Address. A label will be added by the name of “cloned” in the script to all the threads that have been successfully shifted. It is very helpful during the tracking of shifted Email messages from the old account.

The process of transferring messages will depend upon your mailbox's size. If the size and quantities are large then processing time will be long. Here you should notice a little important thing that the messages available in the Trash, Spam and your Sent Item folders will be ignored in this transfer process. 

It means the “Transfer My Gmail” script works on your entire Gmail mailbox not also on selected group of messages. you should know about:The latest and best 5 Gmail tips for power usersFeel free to share your Advice and ideas with us.

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