Bing introduces Usage Rights for image Search

We all know-Image is the beauty of all blogs, websites, presentations, banners, posters, advertisements and many other things. The regular user daily searches different and unique images for their Blog & website.  Even you have also searched many times like: Looking for a HD image to add to your blog?  Or Need of a perfect picture for the presentation?

It is very simple and easy search to write but if you will try to understand clearly then you will realize - you may break the law. Because, there are many images available on the internet but all images are not free to use and image's rights should be checked. And Bing now wants to help you in this work.

For the identification of rights the search engine is going to introduce a new option to its web service - Usage Rights.

Rizwan Ansary(the Program Manager of Bing Images) says "We are very excited to offer the 'Search by License' feature for Bing image search.  At Bing, we care helping creative artists whether you’re a blogger, teacher, and student or even a small business owner looking to market your latest creation."

Now, a menu option can be the way of approach and allowing users to search via All Images, Public Domain, Free to Share, Use Commercially and several other options. As shown in below picture;

For accessing the new feature, you will have to simply perform an image search using Bing. As once the search originated the results occurrence a menu bar across the top the screen. Then You will be able to see there, a "license" dropdown menu is listed, Which is applicable to allow you to narrow the search and find the images which you may use for whatever project you have in the works.

The Bing team makes clear. "You will surprise after see the option on the latest version of Office 2013. In this version of Office 2013 you will be able to search for images on Bing directly from any Office application. This is only not enough; even the search results will indicate licensed images by default. This is also based on the same technology that is powering the 'Search by License' filter we are introducing today".

It was not clear from the announcement if this was a gradual roll out. So, if you are trying it now for seeing the availability of these options. But if you are not able to see it yet, then check back soon. And Feel free to share your point of view with us.

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