How can Embed Instagram Videos on your Website?

It may you have seen many articles like: Embed Facebook Videos, Embed You Tube Playlists, even Embed Google Maps on your website or Blog and many more things. But it will be a new experience for you to know- How can Embed Instagram Videos on your Website? 

How can Embed Instagram Videos on your Website?
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Here i am going to explain how to Embed Instagram Videos on your Blog or Website, there is an online tool (see this) that will help you to implant any video or photograph from Instragram on to your website.

For start this process, you will have to copy-paste the desired Instagram URL and then that tool will originate the raw embed code for the Instagram media with credits protected.

You may freely use the short URLs as input line, like the URLs that you may have detected on Twitter and the online tool will auto-open them ahead of generating the code.
As we know, about the default size of Instagram videos and photos is 612×612 pixels. but According to your wish you may renovate the height and width values in the embed code to make them suitable for your Blog’s template.

The Given online tool exploits the HTML5 video tags for embedding Instagram videos and this is the reason that these videos would play freely on most modern browsers and mobile devices without requiring any type of plugins.

Not only you can embed instagram video on your website by this tool even you may also freely use the embed tool for downloading videos from the Instagram. It’s because the embed code includes the direct URL to the .MP4 video file. And that can be saving locally with a right-clicking or can be sending to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Above mention option shows the nice use of videos and photos from instagaram. But little limitation is available like: Instagram doesn’t allow the users to affiliate any Creative Commons style licenses to uploaded media.

 so all the time it will be a good judgment to get a approval from the Instagram user before using their media on your website. And thus you will be able to use your desired videos and photographs on your website. Try are and enjoy.  

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