How to Test your IQ on Android

You have enjoyed various songs, videos, Games, social apps, and many more apps on your Android phone. But an important question is for you - Do you know about your IQ level? If your answer is 'NO' and now you are willing to test your IQ level, then no need to go anywhere & find anything. You can test your IQ on Android phone. If you want to test your IQ level, then you have a best App option and that is one and only "IQ TEST App".

About IQ TEST App
IQ test app is an Android app which has ability to check your Intelligence Quotient by various methods. It is a latest updated form of Old IQ test app. This updated form is now available with a stylish & big interface. The questions pattern will be very entertaining and able to hit your brain. It provides you some question with limited time, if you not sure about the answer of any question then you can skip for next question. This app is completely free of cost and you can easily download from Google Play. This Android app is available for you in its BETA version. You will surprise to know that this app is listed in TOP 30 free games in Google Play.

This app is very interesting & full entertaining. It will treat you as playing any interesting game, and you will feel very easy and happy during using this app. It may be you will think here - why we should use IQ Test app? Then answer is very simple; this type of IQ Test game is very helpful for those people who really want to test their brain. Countless people are fond of and enthusiastic to face a challenge. This app is especially important for them. You will feel very special in yourself when you will face various brainy & funny questions. It has a huge collection of brainy questions which will provide you a new & unexpected experience.

Some more impressive feature of updated IQ Test app:
  • IQ Test is very simple and interesting to use. And its user interface is very attractive & smooth.
  • It is completely changed from old IQ test, It has several new sets of mind teasing questions.
  • It has added a nice facility for the users and that is; the facility to fix the timer for the test.
  • You can freely flag any questions for the additional review.
  • Also you can see your progress report in the IQ Test.
  • It provides you the option to recheck your previous finished IQ Test.
check your score post

This app not only checks your ability, even it provides you the Answer sheet of your IQ test after completing your all question. By the help of this Answer sheet you can know where you have done mistakes and what should be their accurate answer. it will be very helpful for your next test.

I know after reading the complete information & features of IQ Test app, you are being excited to download this App. so, follow the below link and download it.

Get from here -  Download IQ test app

Once you have downloaded the app, you will be able to see an icon of that app on your screen. Now you will have to do nothing more, simply open this app and start to test your IQ level. You will have to give the answer within the limited time which is mentioned there. And after complete the test it will show your IQ level. This is really very wonderful app. many people are enjoying to test their IQ level by the help of this app, now it’s your turn to test your IQ level.

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