A Simple Way to Transfer Files Between Two Smartphones

We all know very well that Smartphone has made people’s life very easy and comfortable. If you will think - what are the resources of entertainment in these days? Then you will get only one answer and that is Smartphone......Smartphone and Smartphone. I am saying this because peoples are using their smartphones for each work.

If you are also a smartphone user then you can notice one thing that whenever you met with your other friends then you felt difficulty to exchange phone numbers, photos or files over smartphones very quickly. This is very common thing that people always share their vacation or party photos with friends, any important business documents and many others files/Apps. Some days ago I have shared few file sharing tips and tricks and you can see them if you have missed:
And today I am going to explain about a new and latest file sharing app called Bump. The Bump app allows you to move files from your smartphone to another smartphone by just tapping the both devices together. This app is not only helpful to share files from smartphone to smartphone, even you can also share your files from your smartphone to your PC or laptop very easily.

How Bump works?
Bump is able to works with iPhones and Android. To use this app's features bump app should be installed on both phone. If you want to share any file with your friend then just connect both phone with the app and bump the phones very lightly into each other.

Transfer Files using Bump
During connecting both phones with each other, the phones ask permission to connect with the other phone and then files can very easily be sent to and fro. By the help of Bump app you will be able to:
  • Share Contacts: you can share your complete contact info such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Share Photos: you can share vacation’s photos, birthday's or marriage's photo and videos with your friends and family.
  • Share Files: you can freely and quickly share any type of files or documents from your device.
  • Sync Devices: you have a nice option to move contacts, photos and files between your devices.
  • Share Apps: you can share your favorite app with your best friend and family according to their demand.
  • Sync with Your Computer: you can transfer all your photos, videos, and files on your Computer within minutes.
To send files from your smartphone to your computer open http://bu.mp and simply bump your smartphone on the spacebar. This triggers a very easy connection between your computer and smartphone. And if you are thinking - How??? Then you should know that the transferring process actually happens via the website.

Check out this video:
You can even transfer files from our PC or laptop to the smartphone in the exact same way, except the file needs to be selected and also uploaded to the website before transferring it over to the smartphone. Thus you can think about the usefulness of this app.

Extra Information:-
Updated on: September 3, 2013
App Size: 3.5M
Current Version: 3.7.1
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Get from here: Download Bump App

There might be various apps that provide similar services and features but Bump app is very special for me. To acquire Bump the Google spent something like $30 million. Bump is a start-up company with a software app that expeditiously simplifies the process.

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