How to View Wikipedia content offline

We all are familiar with Wikipedia very well, and I hope there is no need to explain the basic thing about it. Normally the Accessing Wikipedia is very easy for us. Whenever we want to know more about any Point then we just go to Wikipedia and search for the topic, and from here we get the complete details about that particular topic within just a few moments.

But have you ever thought - what you will do if you wish to use wikipedia and you have a very slow internet connection or perhaps no connection at all? I hope you are thinking now, how it is possible without internet connection Accessing Wikipedia. 

And if you are really thinking like that then please…please stop thinking, because it is possible. This task can be performed by the help of Kiwix, which allows you to download a local copy of Wikipedia for quickly offline access on your PC, Mac or Android devices.

Kiwix associated the both edition - installable and portable on our test PC. We will have to run the portable version, agreed to download the all list of available content, and just click on "Get new files" option then it will display our various options.

The key file is "Wikipedia", which is available with 9.68GB download containing all the site’s English language articles (about 3.87 million). Addition to this, there is also many selective editions like: the "45,000 best articles", or "6000 Wikipedia articles for school children" along with the Wikivoyage (The free worldwide travel guide) and many more.

Whatever file (listed contents) you choose, it can be downloaded in single click and will be displayed with another at which topic you’re able to browse it just like regular and normal Wikipedia. So, simply you can run a search or just browse the index. Now click on a link and the relevant article (topic) appears along with images. And thus it is ready for reading.
One issue here is these offline editions are a little outdated. The general Wikipedia download is dated March 2012, for the example; that’s fine if you wish to know - when Renoir was born or look up to the capital of Peru, but could become a difficulty if you’re browsing any pages on music, TV, or something else which might see major and regular updates. And also a little technical problem occurs with it, theoretically you can print articles to PDF but practically this didn’t work nicely at all (few page content will be missing).

But these problems will be short out soon. Thus we can see, Kiwix does provide a very simple and free way to access/search Wikipedia content offline. Now, it’s time to try this amazing option.

Get from here: Download Kiwix

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