How to Use Aero Features in Windows 8

Using the product of Windows has become a passion for every user in these days. Windows also pays serious attention on the demand of users very well and always tries for provide the best option in front of users. Aero is also a nice and interesting feature part of Windows. 

PC Users started to like the Windows Aero Features & interface widely, when Windows Vista released in 2007. Aero introduced not only a new theme’s guideline in windows even it attracted the users towards the user interface. As we seeing that the many features has changed and many best features added with the Windows 8. Instead of these things the countless users want to utilize the features of Aero in Windows 8 but they are unknown from the proper way of use of Aero in windows 8. In previous article i have introduced about Best Touch Shortcuts option for Windows 8  and now i am going to explain about How to Use Aero Features in Windows 8.

Aero Peek
Aero Peeks is a option by which you will be able to see your desktop when you would busy with another opened window in a transparent style very quickly. If you want to enable this option then you have to make Right-click on the taskbar and now select “Properties.” 

after that Click on “Use Peek to preview the desktop” to enable Aero Peek option. Now click to “Apply” and finally “OK” to enable the settings.

 If you were the user of Windows Vista or Windows 7 in the past then may be that you have observed there’s a Show Desktop tab located at the end of the taskbar. But know not available in Windows 8.

Aero Shake
As we all know that the option of "Shake" never attracted the users too much in Windows, but its availability in Windows 8 is still continue. If you want to try Aero Shake then you have to grab the title bar of any window and start to shake your mouse while holding it. Then you will see that selected window or program by you will be maximized and all other will be minimized.

Aero Snap
Aero Snap not gets any major change in Windows 8. It is still working similar as was working in Windows Vista and 7. By snap you can drag and then drop a window to the left side or right side of your screen to resize it. If you will drop the window on either side, then it’ll automatically resize half screen size.

The following given shortcuts will help you during the use of Aero Snap in Windows 8:
Windows Key + Left Arrow : Move open window to left side of screen
Windows Key + Right Arrow :  Move open window to right side of screen

Live taskbar previews
Live taskbar previews is an interesting feature of Windows which has nicely upgraded in earlier version of Windows And still it is a part of Aero in Windows 8. You may see live preview of what’s going on now by make Hover over any item in your taskbar.

Some Aero Features that Were Removed in Windows 8
Below listed features were removed completely from Windows 8 are;

(1) Aero Glass: it gave windows a transparent border by which you may be able to see what’s happening in the background as you worked with a window.

 (2) Flip 3D: By Flip 3D you can utilize “Alt + Tab” switch Windows Vista and Windows 7, which could be seen in Windows 8 to flip through opening Windows and programs in 3D mode.

The reasons of elimination were the safety of the programs. Windows 8 not allowed integrating those feature back that have tried to create tweaks and hacks.

You can notice a thing that the taskbar in Windows 8 is partially transparent by default, and it may be the presence of some coding still there. From the Windows 8’s release still it not clearly found out how to enable the Aero Glass feature properly.

If we will try to observe about Windows 8 then we will get a result that not only the layout and design has changed even many nice & interesting features has been addend and eliminated. Some of explained above Aero features are still present in windows 8 but in different way and position, its because the user have already enjoyed the Aero feature and still interested to enjoy in easier version of windows 8.

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