Best Touch Shortcuts option for Windows 8

We all know that windows have done many useful and valuable inventions in the field of technology, and still continue for providing unique features and apps to the user.

During the use of windows 8 we feel free and a attraction towards the great features of it and windows 8 makes enjoyable our workplace environment by countless ways like via keyboard, mouse, and now through the touch screen. Along with a touch-capable, Intel-inspired Ultrabook just like the Sony Vaio Duo 11 Convertible, even navigating in Windows is much easier than ever.

I have already shared many Articles at Howtouncle of windows 8 like;  How can get Windows 8's 6 missing features and How can start to use OneNote app in Windows 8.  And today in this article i am going to describe the Best Touch Shortcuts option for Windows 8 along with many useful functions and features.

Open an App with Options
During Work at the Start screen, you generally know that when you will tap on a tile then the related app opens immediately. But for run that app no need of special button by right-clicking on an app as we do in windows 7. Here you have to simply tap and hold for a little while until the options menu pops up.

Get to System Settings Fast
For management options (like; Add & remove, and more settings) now no need to go for the control panel if you wants make any changes to your system. you can do it by Just swipe from the right edge of the screen toward the middle to get the Windows 8 Charms menu options, and from here you can find the most common computer management and settings options, it will help to make fast use of your computer.


Split the Screen
This is an interesting task and sometime it is used for multi task when you need two screens at a time. If you want to use two apps on the screen at once then you can swipe in from the right or the left side of the windows screen, you have to swipe it slowly. (How to Swipe - for get a new app to appear on left you have to swipe from left, and for getting a new app to appear on right you have to swipe from right.) if you are unable to handle the speed of swipe then you have another shortcut option, just swipe down from the top of the screen, then right or left  ("L" shape) it depend on your choice.

Pin Apps to the Start Screen
There is a nice option to add your own apps to the start screen. You have to just browse the app which you want to add and just tap and hold on its icon. Then, push your finger towards down then a menu will pop up. Now Select the option "Pin to Start" to relate it to the Start screen.

Even you have an option to pin websites, you have to visit by just tapping “Pin site" option from within Internet Explorer and choose "Pin to Start."  You can freely rearrange the tiles by just tap on them and drag them wherever you want on the Start screen.

Close an App
You can see that at the top right side of the screen "X" button hesitating — but it’s not mean that you can't close it. You can Close these apps by just tapping and holding somewhere within the app, after that you are free to drag down toward the bottom of the screen.

Create Custom Flicks
If you want to get around Windows then you have a easy way and that is Flicks. And by the help of automate frequently used actions you can create your own flicks which will work similarly as keyboard shortcuts. For create the flicks just open the full Control Panel and browse to the Pen and Touch menu option, now tap to the Flicks tab and select the option of "Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily."  After that tap on "Navigational flicks and editing flicks" and finally tap on the option of “Customize” to create your own custom flicks. And you can create your desired Flicks.


Get Extra Options in Internet Explorer
You can observe during the use of Internet Explorer that when it is in full-screen mode, then Internet Explorer runs without visible menus or toolbars options.So, how to find the option of refreshing the page or finding text on the screen? 

Please don't worry; you can simply draw down from the top of the screen to bring out these options and many more things in a hidden menu.


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