June 24, 2013

Best 5 Chrome Web Apps For Musician's Practice


Computer works as our partner and even more than partner in our daily routine. Because our many work depend on it like; Reading book, internet social connection, fast updated news & Game and songs. We leave some responsibilities over it, and we feels free it’s because of the interesting features of computer.

Computer is being widely used in the field of song making and in tunes creating. And its countless features provide a easy way to operate and play an instrument nicely.  Now in present time the people creating tunes and different types of performance music by just pushing the keys on their keyboard.  You can create several tunes for different occasion and your performance would be better than others.

I have shared Articles on Chrome web like How can control the buffering of Youtube Video on Chrome and now Here some best Chrome Web apps are described for Practicing Musicians.

Top 5 Chrome Web Apps for Musician's Practice

1. Color Piano!
Color Piano! is a attractive and interesting option for the musician users. By which you can know how to play the piano and may learn the many starting thing about piano playing.  May be you would think about its name, yes its name is the included features of this piano. Color Piano is a complete tool of piano instruments which is enough to teach a basic piano tunes. 

It will help you to learn about the particular keys system in piano, and even more pleasantly you will learn the entire songs. For a better and quick practice it uses some colors combination to help one note from another note and which note have to play next. And if you not care to learn piano then it will be used as tinker.

2. Multiplayer Piano
The service supplying by the Multiplayer Piano is different from other for teaching people the piano. And Multiplayer piano does not teach the all the basic thing about play a piano. Infact the Multiplayer Piano is a site where you will be able to play a virtual piano. There you will see that many other users, who are popping in and playing the same piano.

 In this site a chat option is available by which the people can communicate with one another. And by this chat option they will be able to ask question from the other person who better know about how to play a selected song and operate a specific note on the piano. Here a interesting thing is that if everyone is pressing the keys in unknown way then you will be willing to cover your ears by your hand.

3. Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner is a piano option for the people where they can tune their guitar by the ear. There are six buttons are lined up along with the bottom and the other complimenting notes are being lined here across the top. You have to press one of them to pluck that given string over and more over, the same match of guitar with the computer is needed to this work.  You are free to choose multiple strings at the same time to help you in getting the coming sound when the strummed together. 


 4. Chord Finder
Chord Finder is liked by many users and it will teach you how to play several guitar chords. At first you have to select the chord which you want to learn, as you will select the chord then the website will show you; (a) which of the strings you need to hold down (b) and where your fingers should be. It has also a option of how much sound be in a chord, so you have to fix it when you will get it. 

The site the It also plays how each chord should sound, so you will be able to tell when you’re finally getting it right.  You are free to learn here about triads, scales, and practice individual notes. Chord finder is not as possessive as Guitar Tuner, but if you wish then you can use this site to tune your Guitar nicely.

5. E-violino
E-Violino is more usable for the violin players. When we start to use the E-violino then it opens along with a full list of songs at the right side. As you will click on any song, the song's music would be start. The notes would be slide and the suitable strings which have to play will be highlighted. Here you will get the suggestion of playing piano.


The different type of apps is the cause to make easier to musical instruments and creation of music. In these day computer is the most valuable learning musical instruments and it is really very helpful in the practice of musicians. And there are many more demand is still coming through the user for the playing online instrument. if you have another tools present then please share with us in comment box. 

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