June 24, 2013

How to Activate and use Air Gestures on Galaxy S4


These days Smartphone are being popular and demanded by the countless users, and it's because of the unique features. Galaxy S4 is one of the most demanded smartphone present time.

The Air Gesture is the superlative feature in Galaxy S4. Galaxy S4 providing accurately the Air Gesture feature along with the users. As we know that many users has recently switched or still many are switching to this Smartphone (Galaxy S4) from other different phones. But they do not know the proper way of use of "Air Gesture" feature on Galaxy S4. 

In previous article you knew about How can start to use Galaxy S4 as The best Smartphone And here by the help of this Article I am going to explain about the use of Air Gesture on Galaxy S4.

About Air Gesture
Air Gesture is a interesting & wonderful feature in the field of Smartphones. it works by the help of a sensor which is placed in screen's centre  top of Smartphone. And that sensor works for detect a gesture from your side. But it should be done from the distance up to 7 cm and for nicely detection the gesture should be made at a normal speed. When you will activate the “Air Gesture” feature, then you will get a icon which is placed on the status bar at upper side of screen.

 Activation process of Air Gestures on Galaxy S4

For the Activation, you have to follow some simple and easy process as given;
(1) At first you go for the “Settings” application and click on “My Device” option.
(2) Now need to scroll down and find “Motions and Gestures” option from the list. Once you will get this option then just click on it.
(3) After the click you will see the option of “Air Gesture” that should be in enable mode always.
(4) When it would be enabling, then you will see five interesting options here. Which you may see by just clicking on it. Given as;    
  • Quick Glance: Quick Glance gives you the significant information, whenever you will put your screen in off mode.
  • Air Jump: This is a scroll-jumping feature which is very helpful and can be use during scroll down or up the website pages even in jumps of screen size.
  • Air Browse: Air Browse can be used when you wish to go from one page, picture, file or mobile track to another one.
  • Air Move: Air Move option can be used If you want to move from S Planner to other app's shortcuts.
  • Air Call-accept: you can use Air Call-accept feature for accepting the incoming calls by just moving your hand in air only.

And by these above mentioned steps, you have successfully completed your Activation. Thus you will feel that Activation process not taking your much time. After the use you Air Gesture feature on Galaxy S4 you will feel a unique attraction with this feature.

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