How to Make Ready Your Android Smartphone Before Lose

As we all know that we are connected with our mobile phones along with a strong bonding. Because we use our Smartphone  in many way like; calling, video gaming, song listening, social networking connection and for many more thing. And so we always like to be having   with it.

One day, it may be that your smartphone could misplace or may be stolen. Then you will feel very stressful because you have lost your favorite thing and many Important contact, data, files, photo, etc that was in your smartphone. So you should prepare your Android phone and after the preparation losing it will be a much less panic experience. There are given several idea which will help you in the case of you lose your smartphone.

Some interesting options for you:
Lock It
We usually use our phone several times for a while and even for a long period. Lock screens makes you less stressful if you continuously taking your phone out, as You'll have to add a code or swipe a certain pattern each time when you take your phone out of your pocket. 

However, if you do not wish that someone finding your phone through your email, contacts, and other personal details, then you should set a lock code. For highly protected security, you may set up a PIN lock code from your Android’s security settings screen. 

 If you feel it’s too difficult to use, then you should go for set up a pattern. The pattern set up may be less difficult for a thief to guess the pattern of your device’s screen. But at least it's locked.

Create a Lock Screen Message
Creating a lock screen massage is also a nice thing and it provides a security. Android freely allows you to create a message and that massage will appear on your lock screen.

For create a Lock Screen Message  you have to Open the Settings app, then select the Security category, and after that tap the option of Owner info. And in this Owner info, you are free to include your contact details.

 If you ever lose your smartphone and it’s recovered by a good & helpful person, then that time this given information by you will help him to return the phone. Even you can include any other type of message according to your wish— for example, you may say by including a message " you’ll get a reward if the phone is returned to me" By these massage honest-but-lazy people will hopefully get encouragement  to return the phone to you.

Encrypt Option For Sensitive Business Data
Encryption is very helpful process for the people which have Sensitive Business Data in their phone. But Most of the people won’t need to encrypt their phones.

But if you have sensitive business data or financial data on your phone and you did not want give it in wrong hands then you should encrypt your valuable phone’s data ahead of time. Encrypting the phone will be more painful thing for the thief and then he will try to put PIN by guess. They may suffer by freezer attack to bypass your encryption. It is not necessary because the freezer attack rarely appears in the real world. So, smartphone thieves will be unable to touch your data, But after the several try they will move towards resell.

 Configure Automatic Backups
Important data are very valuable in everyone’s life. So You should make sure your valuable data by Configure automatic backups from your Android phone.  As we all know that Smartphones can be replaced, but some important data like photos, documents, videos clips and other critical personal data can’t be replaced.

And you should know that Android automatically synchronizes data like contacts and calendar events by default. You can freely configure an app like Google+ or Dropbox to automatically back up your important data. And by this process make sure that each type of important data on your phone is backed up or not.

Activate a Lost Phone Tracking Service
The service of tracking and controlling lost Smartphones for consumers are still not provided by the Google but we can hope it will be one day easier for us. But for present time you can use a third-party solution to track and remotely command your lost phone. You may try to do this after you lose your Smartphone. As for example, Lookout’s popular Plan B is a nice option for this experiment. but it is only applicable with older versions of Android , you will not be able to use the Plan B app if you have Android 4.0 or later version.

But no need to worry about it, there are several and different services availabe which you can apply. Even some of the services charge a monthly authorization fee. I advise you for the best service of avast! Free Mobile Security. Because avast! Free Mobile Security is wholly free and consists of a high-quality anti-theft tool, and that tool will allows you to remotely locate, lock, and wipe your Android device.

 the anti-theft property can be installed in root mode, If your device has root accessed. and because of it thieves will get more difficulty to eliminate it. its a interesting thing that along with the root installation, the avast!’s anti-theft features will remain installed and continuously running on the phone. Even it will unchange after reset to its factory-default state.

For operate in a proper way  avast! Assists you by a website where you may log in to see details about your Smartphone’s location and take various actions like; message sending, siren activation, and data wiping.

avast! Is a very valuable option, but it doesn’t have that approach features that some people want. People expect more from the services like able to record the audio or take photo from the camera, by which they will hear and see the thief and will identify him.  And if you like these options too you should go for an app like Cerberus anti-theft. but it will charge fee of $2.99 EUR for a lifetime license, I suggested you about this because it is cheaper than other services.

Lost-Phone Tracking for Google Apps Users
As we know that Google truly does provide option of geolocation and other facilities like remotely wiping, locking, and ringing lost smartphones — but this service is available only for Google Apps users. But some Organizations that use Google Apps they may aid these   facilities for the users of their brand. the users who use Google Apps they can use the My Devicespage for view the location where they lost phones.

And this type of similar amenities is available with the iPhone. it has a service " Find My iPhone service" accommodated  by Apple.  you should try these above mentioned option for your smartphones.

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