May 24, 2013

Twitter's two-step sign-in process for become safe


According to the IDG News Service - Twitter, is going to take a move to keep its users safe from cyber attacks. Twitter introducing two-step sign-in process.

The system of two-step process called Login Verification. In this system Users will receive a code on their mobile phone to every time during log in twitter.After a person enrolls, the user will be able to enter a six-digit code which is sent via SMS each time when the user will sign in to

The system is designed by the intention to provide a second check for the confirmation of authorized users log in. The feature of two-step sign-in process, can be switch on user's account settings page.

The deliver comes after countless hacks targeted companies. these are the Associated Press, The New York Times etc. the Security experts examined twitter for a long time and they confirmed that the two-factor sign-in process is need of it from give the protection to its users from the increasing rate of cyber attacks.

Whenever as we know that Other large companies has already done the process of two-step constitution as an option. these are some of: Apple, Facebook and Google .

During the advertisement of Login Verification, Twitter seems very unpleased, its because .the login attempts are not being used in that way as should be used. it has already listened from the people that some of account has been agreement by email phishing schemes and disobey of password data.

Even try has been done with the new and strong security feature on twitter that user should use strong and unique password strength but it still not in safe position.

 Twitter said about the this password strength that ," The company has passed a  notice that password should be of 10 characters, along with upper- and lower-case letters and added with numbers and symbols.

Twitter confirmed that the work on two-step verification is going on by the experts.  the system is being prepared on the basis of SMS verification so it have some function that may will not work with some cell phones. This is assured by cell phone provider. we are still working on its utilization by another way for these phone.

After this two-steps process the twitter would add some nice feature and that would be for the help of its users. And more security improvement will be created in the future, O'Leary said.

There is a subject to think on it that people would like this login verification on Twitter. Because people always find the easy way.

"This is a big, and belated step by Twitter......but this is not all," said Ken Pickering, development manager of security intelligence at CORE Security. "The hard part is convincing people to use it and understand its need in this account."

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