May 23, 2013

How can make Speed Up Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 8- tips step by step

In this digital generation of computer everyone wants a fast and smooth way of use the apps. The problem of Remote desktop connection is easy thing. Every user wants a right direction for it. So here in this article, I am going to explain that how to setup a Remote desktop connection in windows 8. If you are looking for Speed up Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 8 then follow this article step wise. 

For make proper connection, you can connect to a remote computer for just do your work or can troubleshoot another computer. As we know that, it is perfectly worthless to connect to the remote machine forever. But providentially, there are some steps of make speed up this process.

How to Remote Desktop Connection:
At firstly run the Remote Desktop by the help of right-click to the bottom-left corner of the computer screen and just select “Run” option.

After the press on "run" button, just Type “mstsc” in the given text field and click “OK”.  it will open the Remote Desktop application


Now, On the Remote Desktop application, select the “Show Options.


After that Pay attention carefully to these two tabs; Display and Experience.

Now just Click on “Display” tab. During the “Display Configuration” section, the slider will change the left for shrink the size of the screen as you will add to the host. In this situation the computer screen size will be the lower, and Remote Desktop will be the faster. And Under the “Colors” section, press the drop-down option for change the quality. And it will look like as,

When all done then just Click at “Experience” option.  Then in the “Performance” section, click the drop-down for change the its connection speed. In this time it will work in just apposite A lower connection speed will make speed up the Remote Desktop connection. And For the best interpretation, select “Modem” (56 kbps). 


Will this work for Speed up the Performance?
For know that how this is workable, just wait for a while to believe the settings that you are reorganizing. The changes will work most on with graphics and animations of the host computer, which are often reserve comprehensive. Now when you will reduce the color depth, change the screen size, and simplify animations appreciably reduce the quantity of network resources used during the remote desktop connection, and thus performance will improve.

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