How can get Windows 8's 6 missing features

As we know that the Window 8 always update several and different version. And again some nice feature has updated which is really awesome. Some property of these versions is enjoyable and magnificent. But some of these are we missing a lot. Its because we like to use that but these are not available now for use here. So, in this article i am going to disclose that how to get Windows 8's 6 missing features.

Windows media center and Windows Briefcase are some example of these features which is not used by all. But the help of these apps in windows 8 will get back these missing aspects.

How to get back Windows 8's missing features:

(1). Starting menu, unified Search and Boot to desktop
As we know that the start menu has been replaced by start screen in the latest version of windows 8. You are known of the fact that start menu of the earlier windows has been take over from by the Start Screen.  Yes, user can use it for the searching and in the Windows 8’s feature of boot to the desktop. The Process of unified search a program, settings and files are the example that can be in Windows 7.

How can get back the above given feature?
To get back these feature are quite easy and nice. if you want to get back the Start menu as the Start Screen. Then you have to install a third-party Start menu. Some examples of it are:  StartW8, free Start menu 8 or using ClassicShell. During the log-in process if it does not show up then don't be worried, it will automatically came back with a little delay of time.

(2). Windows Media Center
the user who is very interested in play song, video and picture by the help of Windows media Center, they should know that this is not for a long time  part of Windows 8. In the absence of this media Center you will not happy with another one because you have already used the attractive version and features of Windows Media Center.

So if you want to get back and again want to use Windows Media center in Windows 8. Then you have to make a purchase of total $100. In the place of your paid money, your purchased Windows will be upgraded for its Professional version. And if you are not willing to spend the money one it, then you can try the Nokia music player for Windows 8. It will provide you a little bit the same features and properties which you have seen.

(3). some windows game just like Solitaire, Minesweeper and Other games
As we know that Windows 8 has removed the games like: Solitaire, Minesweeper. But still you want to enjoy these games by playing, then you have an option to get these games from Windows 8 Store. From there you will be able to
get these games. So try and enjoy.

 ( 4). Windows Desktop Gadgets
As we have seen that windows 8 has removed the desktop gadgets feature. Its because once the news appear from the Microsoft that Desktop gadgets is insecure. The above mention thing is true for each Desktop gadget, but if you still ready to get it back it in any situation then  the desktop Gadget are available in Windows 8 Store. You can get from there easily.

  (5). Windows aero Glass
As we already know and has used the feature transparent glass like theme which is provided by Windows 7. Even, this feature has also unconnected by Windows 8.

How to get this feature?
If you want to use it again this and not getting yet, then stop worrying for it. You are now able to get it by the use of a tool Aero8Tuner.

 (6). Windows Classic theme
In earlier version The Windows 8 have unrelated the feature of Windows Classic theme,  which is provided by self. If you were like the theme by using Windows Classic  theme. Then you should not be hopeless, it can be get back by “third-party themes for Windows 8”. If above intimated app for theme is not fine for you then you can try this.

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