Top 6 Best Tips to Boost your Galaxy S4 Battery Life

Feature of a larger battery, screen and more resourceful processor has been launched by The Samsung Galaxy S4.  The S4 assures to go on a very easier and usual day with a low cost and a bigger battery Features than its previous Galaxy phones. But, this is slightly big screen and different type of user-friendly features make it feature-rich smartphone. 

Just Similar to other smartphones, This will Extend your Samsung Galaxy S4′s battery life with some great features and interesting tips that keep your smartphone  (Galaxy S4)  safe from draining speedily.

 To Boost your Galaxy S4 battery’s life, try out following best tips yourself :
  • Turn off  unnecessary features.
  • Turn on  Power Saving feature.
  • Adjust the limited screen timeout to save battery power.
  • Set the Black wallpaper, Theme on S4 Screen. 
  • Find out the unused running app and disable it. 
  • Advice to keep an extra battery. 
After following these above mentioned points  you will feel improvement in your Galaxy S4 Battery Life. Share you view with us via comments.

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