May 27, 2013

Tips for download Mp3 and H.264 files

Mozilla has recently introduced a latest version Firefox 21 and which is able to  play mp3, aac and H.264 files straightly in the browser. This feature was only available on Windows 7 or newer versions but it is now also a great feature to Firefox.

Mozilla is planning to dispatch support for other Windows versions, As in upcoming updates as Linux and Mac are included. It is still not clear that the support will be applicable for all different operating systems. It is a illustration and may be only Windows XP users will get the support for playing mp3 files directly in the browser but not for H.264 contents.

As you will click on a link which may be supported by this media files, then you will see that the player If you click on a link pointing to one of the media files supported by the feature, you will notice that a player frontier is being loaded to play the file correctly in the browser. 

This feature of playing directly is very convenient, but sometimes or even at all times we prefer more to download the files instead of play directly.  I am going to disclose some features of it that how to download these files properly.

Downloading tips for Mp3 and H.264 files:
This feature of playing directly is applicable for that player which directly linked in the browser. These are the reason that given options not able to work on most video and music hosting websites.

(1) whenever you want to download any media to your local system, then just make a Right-click in the player border and select Save Audio As / Save Video As. because it will open a save window which will be helpful for you in download.

(2) Just do same as a Right-click on the given link  to the media file and select Save As option from the context menu. This is also helpful too saves the file to your local system.

(3) you can Open the about configuration in the browser by set the parameter media. And windows-media-foundation has enabled to false. It will disable the player border and makes change in the browser's to default behavior.

The third and last option may be very useful, if you never play that music or video files that are already direct linked in Firefox. Then there will shows a download box option instead of that you have clicked on such a links.

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