How can start faster access in windows 8

In this digital world everyone is being habituated of fast working and digital things.  Now everywhere being used latest version of windows computer. The user who wants to buy a new computer they all think about windows 8.

And for windows 8 users Microsoft has not still added a tutorial. so little bit research about windows 8 you should do. The frontier on Windows 8 is latest and unique. So, By the help of this article you can get the complete basic information about Windows 8 Operating system.

Tips and tricks to fast access in windows 8:
The desktop:- As firstly you will login, the Windows 8 Operating System will show you a Start screen where a complete set of apps are present. From the full Start Screen All the latest apps can be downloaded for run in this operating system. Some user might be get excited to use this interesting feature while some user might want the old traditional Start Screen. The user who want use to old start screen they can get it by just clicking on the Desktop Tile which is on the Start screen or may by pressing Windows key + D which launches for the desktop.

The Start button:-  After the getting the desktop you may feel happy. It looks just like the old Windows 7 Desktop but along with so many features improvements. Its task manager has changed with new implements and there are host of new features. But here you will be surprise to see the absence of the Start button, which is present but hidden. As you will move the position of your mouse cursor towards bottom of left corner then you will see that there Start button appear.

Even you can get the start screen by pressing the Windows key. You are free to click on installed apps for run and you can search too. The look of this has changed and it will turn into a full screen mode. The process of apps arrangement and its launching is very easy and interesting. For pinned the applications just drag it on task bar.

How to Shut Down the Computer?
As you will move your mouse cursor towards the right bottom of the screen then the settings Charm will appear and here the Shut Down and the Restart buttons are located. And from here you will able to shut down the computer. Instead of this option of shut down another way is the physical key of your desktop or laptop.

 These are some of the feature which is newly implemented in windows 8. But some people feel most comfortable with the traditional Start Screen, and for those you should use the third party Start menu button like popular Start8. But this start menu will takes a little time. In this windows operating system its Apps screen is much costumed for the touch screens than others.

I hope that this article will help you to operate windows 8 very quickly. feel free to share your view with us.

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