May 26, 2013

How can control the buffering of Youtube Video on Chrome

As we all know that the YouTube is very usable and most likeable for playing or streaming the videos swimmingly. But sometime it has difficulty during playing video, it does not buffer smoothly and stop step by step. 

Many times the users pauses the video for a long time and they wait for its full buffer and then they click on start to see the video properly. And sometimes this pause system does not happen for buffer. There are two reason might be of happening this.

Firstly, The limited bandwidth is provided by the server provider. And second thing is that the different providers are delivering the videos which some of them are providing better than others.

But if you are using the video on Google Chrome, then the addition of Smart Video for YouTube might be in extricate. It allows various collections of the features these are;

Few Interesting features:

  • Looping up all the videos.
  • It Hide the player settings popup.
  • Ability of start the playing videos instantly.
  • And also start buffering videos instantly.
  • Conformation that videos  are getting buffered even if they are paused.
  • Saving  the bandwidth by initializing videos only after a click.
  • Setting specific preference to the video quality.
  • Do not switch to HD on full screen.
  • Hiding  the annotations which come by default.
  • Setting  the size of the player.
  • Showing the loop button on  location bar. 
  • Start playing videos when they are buffered and define a buffer Percentage as a threshold.

There are different settings can be use for that videos which you have already watched.  And even in the videos of third party websites, its Bandwidth features will be helpful. It include many videos from that site where you not interested to visit but because of these site is very interesting so  some videos posted here on you tube from there.

And there also a very nice feature of playlist which we will like too much. By this feature we will be able to add the videos and also able to buffer it in to a particular percentage for play in a properly.

Thus, we can see that all the problems which basically was creating in YouTube or in third party websites will be solve now by the this extension. and the problem of instantly playing videos will only depend upon the bandwidth of your  internet connection which your provider will provides. I hope you will try and enjoy.

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