Manage Various Cloud Storage Services From Your Android Phone

As we all know that the services of Cloud Storage have become impartially popular these days and its features like Dropbox, Google Drive,  SkyDrive and Boxbeing is most valuable ones. And these given services have their own dedicated apps that do help in sync data.  If you want to access the all services in one place by using multiple cloud storage services then Cloudii is best option for Android that contribute a solution for this.

By the help of Cloudii Android users can manage the multiple cloud storage services from a solitary dashboard. Even by app you will be able to synchronize different folders on your Android phone to the selected service.   

How to Setup Cloudii to Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Services:
You can find it on the Google Play Store and from where just download it on your Android phone. For run this app properly, your phone should must have Android 4.0 or higher than it. When you will start this app then it will provide the supported services. Select the service which you want to use and just enable the Cloudii to access it.

After enabling, it will supply the account details with your username and storage space. You have option for add more services by just click on “+” icon.

How to use Cloudii:
Here some features details are present of Cloudii. As you will Swipe from left to right or will press the Menu button which is at the top thread. Then a sidebar appears where is the view of connected services, files and folders, synchronization options and settings. 

As you will click on any connected service then you will able to see all the saved files. you are free for download these files to the phone. You have option to mark your Favorites item that can be ingressed easily by you from the market tab.

It also allow You for set up the folder synchronization links with any service. As for example if you want to be sure that all the images that are saved in your Gallery are uploaded to Dropbox or not, then for this work  you can set up a synchronization link  and by this just connect your Dropbox account with your local folder. It have feature of two-way synchronization, so if anything changes in your Dropbox folder then it will be downloaded to your phone as well. For easy tracking you can set multiple synchronization links for each service but different name.

Even it allow full protection, you can use it by password-protecting in this app from the settings. And have also a option of enable/disable for use over mobile data and online backup. By the help of the Online Backup feature you can back up your account data and its configuration of all your accounts on Cloudii servers, thus it can be restored on same or on other Android device.

Is Cloudii App free? 

Yes, it is free but only for fourteen days, after the fourteen days user must buy this app. but the price you need to pay is not mentioned here. You should not think about how much you pay, should think about how much you getting from it. It is lifelong license by onetime payment.
Cloudii is a very useful and easily operated Android application which is used for managing multiple cloud storage services. Its newer version will add some interesting features which you would like so much and never seen anywhere.

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