May 26, 2013

Tips for Use Flickr as a Photo Backup Service

Flickr is a photo sharing service which is the primordial one.  And now it allowing till 1 Terabyte free storage space and that is enough for store your half a million photos very firmly in the cloud.

For the storage, Dropbox  offers 2 GB of storage space while Google Drive Offer us 5 GB space for  files and photos. And the Flickr offers 200x more space but it have a little condition, and that condition is the each photos size should be of less than 200 MB. above mention condition of Flickr shouldn’t be a distress for users unless the users using the pictures in the RAW format and are a professional photographer. 

With a huge 1 TB of storage space, Flickr is now a skilled collector which can save your complete set of digital photographs. Here you are free to set the default privacy of your photo albums in online position (In Flickr it called sets). it have a huge privacy and its search visibility will be as “hidden” by which no one can search or and view your stored picture on Flickr.

How to Upload your Pictures to Flickr:
Flickr present with an uploader who is browser-based but it isn’t quite appropriate for uploading many hundreds of photos collection in a set. However it is quite possible by Flickr desktop software that can easly transfer your picture collection from the computer to the Flickr cloud. 

A good version of official Flickr desktop uploader is accessible for Windows and Mac. And it was last updated in 2009 but it is nice working under Windows 8 as well. For upload you picture collection, just simply you can drag picture folders on to the Flickr uploader and after the drag it will extract all the image files from the folders automatically. And also for change the default privacy before the addition just go on Tools -> Preferences.

Flickr Schedulr is another attracting feature to the official uploader, by which it allow us to set a schedule for uploading pictures and videos to Flickr.

Sync Pictures between Desktop & Flickr:
For synchronizing pictures the PhotoSync takes a Dropbox to get before the desktop and Flickr. During the synchronizing It creates a particular watch-folder on your hard disk, by which the any files and folders added by you to this folder would  save automatically as “sets” on Flickr. It has another way to sync by default, for this you have to delete the option on Flickr as delete any pictures locally.

And the FlickrSync also allow automatic picture uploads for Windows but it is without requiring your wish to put pictures in one folder. As in FlickrSync has a tree-view of your hard disk (see in screenshot), you can select one or more folders from the list and then all the added photos will be sent to your Flickr. These sets will contain same name as on your folder and it can be change by override the default setting.

For provide safety to your locally-stored pictures the Synchronization is best way, and by the help of Flickr the contents of your local folders can be in your view. You have another option to add network folders for synchronizing with Flickr.

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