9 best and easy steps to root the Samsung Galaxy Note II

I still not tried to root my Galaxy Note II phone but now I am thinking about it, and ready for give it a try. It’s because i want complete control on my phone by many way. If I will try the root process in my phone then it will provide me nice relaxation and smoothness during its use. By the help of it i will be able to install apps from Google's Play store when requires root, Even it would enable me for uninstall the stock apps which is already running on the phone and I'd never use.

And as we know that we will not able to uninstall stock apps if having not root access, and that’s why Samsung pronounced to add a lot of apps in the phone  default, and these are some reason by which i want to remove all the apps that still I'm not using from it.

Note:- the rooting process will be able to work mostly on the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2  which model number is GT-N7100. As the news coming from some way It may be reconcilable with also other versions as well but no any guarantee of that it will work properly. In these the Rooting may invalid the warranty of the device.

What you need ?
(a).For the installation on your system You should have the Samsung USB driver. For example during the installation of the KIES software. 

(b).For rooting package you should have the Galaxy Note 2 that includes Odin. It is just invented for Windows.

(c).An USB cable required for the connectivity from the phone to the PC.

The rooting process:
(1). as you will Press the Volume, Home and Power buttons at the same time. Then the screen sparkles once if you will take a screenshot. And then just hold it down until you find a warning page.

(2). Now just Press the volume up key to make continue from this point on. By this it will able to set the phone to download mode which is very necessary to load data on the phone.

(3).After that the help of USB cable just connect the device to the PC.

(4). And Open the listing of the root package which you have extracted. Now you can start the odin3 program.

(5).After the connection you will see a yellow com box next to all the white boxes at the top. If you seeing it means your phone is connected properly, if you not saw then just disconnect your phone and connect it again. And once check for make sure that the drivers are installed correctly or not

(6). And now Select PDA and load the larger tar file in the same directory.

(7). And Click on the start button subsequently.

(8).The process will be complete without your doing from that moment on. then your phone will be restart automatically, and you will able to see an installation dialog during boot.

(9).And you can see that a new super usable app has been added to your phone that you are free to launch.

If you want to check that this is properly is working or not, then just try and install a root app from the Google Play on your phone, for illustration Root Validator.

And If you have done root, you will get a super user move when you will click on the do I have root button that will be display apps interface.

The Rooting process of your Galaxy phone is a very easy operation, and it provide the feature that you should have complete and right application package for your work, not useless one. This makes enable you to install apps that is require additional concession among the other things.

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