How can start to use Cool Copy Feature of Windows 8,

Windows 8 has already provided so many unbelievable feature and still trying more. as for example New Start Screen, a nice interface and Metro UI system. But Still many people don't know how can start to use windows 8 in a proper and easy way.

It is really very exciting news for all of us that windows 8 has done a great solution of copying any files and data in a easier way.  And this apps is knowing by the name of the cool copy feature. 

I have already used this feature and get impressed by its easy and smooth way of use, and it is very safe too. So, Finally I am going to explain you the cool copy feature of windows 8 which you never seen yet. now you will surprise when you will see the less copying timing for many bunch of files. Now not need to wait for copying anything by this feature of windows 8.

Now here you can see a closer look of this feature during copying files. this feature is not only for very fast copy system than windows 7 or others. Even there is some more new feature are present in this app which is different from others.
In this windows 8 there is available a new button which is the pause button. yes you are thinking correct, you can now pause your copying files or moving process system according to your wish which is very much interesting as well as valuable too. you can imagine the advantages of this feature which was really a great need for user. This pic are showing you as follow:

Reason to like this feature:
(a) In any case When you have have to copy or move two large files simultaneously and windows start to do this process very slowly, then that time you can pause one of these file and you can start again it when another is finished.  In windows 7 or other any system this option is not given yet. in other system you have to cancel any of these file for copying quickly. 

(b)  The most important thing is that It saves our time and get out from the frustration feel by we during the copy or move process. 

The feature of copying dialog box of Windows 8  also may be the very big desktop improvements  and invention after the Start button being replaced by the Start Screen. And this is also a very nice look that it brings all copying and moving processes into a single window which is nice, creates a pause button which was unbelievable and this is sure much faster than its earlier version or others too.

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