How can be Recover Facebook Password and Account With Trusted Contacts

In the world of web Identity should always be must. The real identities give us the identification of fake user who can use your account by any other name. At the present time this is quickly used in hacking your social media accounts and by this hacking you may be in danger condition. For skip from these type of problem in future, the Facebook has revealed a new feature that can be known as Trusted Contacts. this feature will help you in identify the fake account and recover it from this situation.        

This article will help you by explaining that how can be Recover Facebook Password and Account with Trusted Contacts. Follow the below mentioned steps:

(1)  At first, open your Facebook account in the browser and sign in
(2) And Go to the right side and upper on the Facebook page, click on the  icon and select the option  of Account settings
(3)  And now click on the Security option in the left side there. 
(4) Now move on trusted contacts section and press Choose Trusted Contacts link. 
(5) It will be load in just a second, and you will see a pop-up. Here, you have to click on Choose Trusted Contacts option. as shown in picture below,
(6)  Now , you have to select at least three friends from your account which   you know very  well. This is for when anyone from these selected friends has lost their accounts. And you want to recover from it.
(7) After the selection of these three recognized friends with your account,
click on Confirm button. As in below picture

select trusted contacts on facebook
(8) Next, when you will conform then it will ask you to re-enter your Facebook account password to verify it.  Here, click on just confirm button.
(9) For edit your trusted friend contacts settings any time or remove any people click on Edit link on given Facebook account page.

Note: The people which you have already select for trusted contacts, it is needed to confirm by them otherwise,it will not work properly during password recovery of Facebook page.

Recover Facebook Password and Account with Trusted Contacts:
Suppose if by any reason you have lost your Facebook account password then that time you can use your selected trusted contacts settings for recover your account vastly  It is a very easy and only three-step process. Follow as directed below:
=> Go to Facebook sign-in page and enter your Facebook account id or name which you want to recover.
=> After that just click on  forget your Password link. And next click on the option of  I can’t identify my account link.
=> Here, you will see a window. In this window save yes option.
=> If you are appearing for retrieve your account, then search for  Reveal My Trusted Contacts  section on the given recovery page.
=> Here, you have to give a code from each of the trusted friends who you’ have added.
=> After visiting the URL, your trusted contacts recovery page will be ready to display as the following image. Then, just click on Continue button.
=> Now you have to call your trusted people and tell them for click the URL to get your security code.
=> If you have gathered the all necessary security codes, then just enter on the recovery page one by one.

By this such a great and easy process we can recover the Facebook account and password of self and of our friends too. And this is very valuable thing for that we will identify our account and will be save by the missuses of its personal data and information created by self.

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