How can Identify the Fake Facebook Profiles, Photos by the help of FB Checker

Facebook recently did a examine process and reported that, Still in these day more than 85 million fake profiles are being used by users now. Many of them have a creating purpose to disturb other via fake profiles. And many of them create false profiles just for fun, popularity and advertisement or make more friend in short time. And these fake profiles waste our valuable times for just fun. In this situation, you have to identify these fake profiles running by anyone on Facebook.

Now, by the help of FB Checker” we can identify the fake account and its user. It was the demand of people who has phased this situation. i am going to explain its valuable use.
How to use FB Checker:
(1) At first Download and install FB Checker software on the computer or laptop. Link are given here as :- Download FB Checker.
(2) Now you have to Launch the FB Checker icon  and sign-in with your Facebook account as you do in daily use.
(3) After the sign-in browse the profiles with your Facebook account, which you have to identify. during this process All photos and Facebook profile’s albums selected by you will be loaded automatically into FB Checker’s tab automatically.
(4) Now If you want to know all the information about real or fake from that selected profile’s photos,  then just click on Analyze profile button.
(5) Next, just you have to check the tab of preferred photos and have to again click on the Analyze profile button. directed as in picture,

(5) In this process it will take just a few seconds or may be minutes to show all details of selected profiles’ photo by you.
(6) When it will be uploaded then you will see a new tab inside your browser and there will have a detailed analysis also. then Here, you will notice that the each photo will be shown with a few links on their right side. And these link will show you that from where these pic was stolen by that person.
(7) And in the same page You will also get a sharing option and then just click on share this page option. then It will generate a link and that generated link you can copy and paste on your profile’s wall or may be in a comment box. This copy and past action of link will warn to your innocent friends from these fake profiles.

This is the valuable need of Facebook users. and this FB Checker software is available in beta. So you can analyze  or apply only a few number of profiles in a single day. FB Checker can works with Windows XP, Vista, windows 7 and 8.
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