May 24, 2013

Google Apps with low price in India


Google apps are used in very large quantity by users.  As we know that Google Apps is $5 per user for per month globally, but if you are using the Apps of Google in India then you are able to get a little discount. 

Now in India’s user get discount of 40% on Google apps. We can now use in $3 per user per month for Google apps. And if user will pay annually then it’s in only $30. 

With the Google apps Users will get a 25 GB Gmail mailbox per user, Google Drive along with the storage of 5 GB, unlimited email assumed name and a host of other Google products. If users are willing to buy more storage space for Google Drive then they can pay $40 per year for 20 GB. 

For changing your custom domain for test Google Apps you have two ways, First, you are free to configure your existing domain to use Google Apps.  And another is that you can choose a trial sub-domain as directed: <yourname>

And for the one-person company, then Google allow to sign-up the user in free for Google Apps by the help of the App Engine route.

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