Announced Microsoft's latest Mice with Dedicated Start Buttons

Microsoft has done a Announcement of a latest product of Sculpt mice which is coming soon. This product containing the first time,  a dedicated Start button.  Apparently, this addition is targeted that the every Windows user would use Start button of some kind. As it is seen that in Modern Windows system all have a apparatus like Start button. Tablets, Ultra books and other so many portable PCs have a button for start. Even in the desktop computers a Start key has been added on the external keyboard. So the invention of Start button on the mouse would be liked by users so much.

Microsoft said, it going to be evident that these new mice—the Sculpt Comfort Mouse and Sculpt Mobile Mouse and nothing else.

This Sculpt Comfort  product of Mouse have a touch-sensitive blue color strip on its side. It’s called the Windows touch tab and it will guide you on Windows 8 with touch or only the swipe of a finger. As you will press this touch tab, you will move on directly to the Start screen as expected. But if you will swipe just down on the touch tab, it will activate the controller border. And you will Swipe up then it will cycle through all open “Metro” apps.

And in the Sculpt Mobile Mouse, it’s have a little Windows button and four-way scrolling politeness of tiltable scroll wheel.

The good news is that if you are willing to take any of these devices, then no need to wait for a long time. Instead some fall in the marketing for its mice, Microsoft is going to launch these latest models just over the next 30 days. The Sculpt Comfort Mouse is ready for this month while the Sculpt Mobile Mouse will come on June.

Price fixed are:
For the Sculpt Comfort Mouse $39.95.
And for the Sculpt Mobile Mouse $29.95.

Required connectivity options are:
The Sculpt Comfort Mouse uses Bluetooth.
And the Sculpt Mobile Mouse uses a small USB dongle.

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