May 25, 2013

How can start voice chat with Google Voice Desktop apps


The users are not only using the social media for chat and video calling. Now in these days Google Voice has become a one of the most likeable service for everyone.It is also running in the race of video calling and sending SMS. And it is proving very tough emulation for other social media. he service is full with of different types of features but it is in US only now. 

This service will reach very soon in the other parts of the world. Some part of its are irritating the users, as for  get the SMS the Google Voice page should be always open if it will close then the getting SMS process will be stop. It is very difficult for the user that always to keep open its webpage.

 So for solve this problem there have been available some Google Voice desktop notification apps which will keep continue connect even you close the webpage. So, By the help of this article i am going to disclose some of the best apps that can keep you connected always.

Apps for Google voice:
(1). Google Voice App:- This app is Based on Adobe Air, and it has been designed for the purpose of popular Operating Systems like the Windows, Linux and the Mac. Its user frontier is quite simple and it have many suitable features.

(2). GVNotifier:- It is Considering the most powerful app, In this app the  Google Voice are situated at right to the desktop. It contains the feature like receiving messages, listening or reading to the voicemails, connecting calls and more. IT is available for Windows XP/Vista/7.

(3).VoiceMac:-This is the first client of Google voice in Mac computers, its user perimeter is supposed very easy. The features contains sending and receiving Different SMS,  calling option,  checking the call history, receiving voicemails,  and the option of reverse lookup a phone number and others more. By the help of the SIP services, its phone calls can be created by the help of Google Voice number.

(4). Google Voice (An official app from Google):-  This app has been created by Google and is present in Google app store. It is just simply a addition which adds a button to its toolbar. It is able to keep connected to the Google Voice account having various feature are present as mention below,
  • It will alert the user by tone when receiving new messages and it can be turned off which can be turned off from adjunct options.
  • It provides a quick access to recent messages with summary and voicemail playback also.
  • Also is helpful for start the calls and in send free text messages by just typing the number or contact name.
  • It can also make a call by just clicking on Phone numbers via Google Voice. 

(5). GVMax:-  GVMax  is a free web service which is work effectively in recording the Google Voice account. It provides a notification during new messages or the Voicemails are received. It has several ways by which notifications can be sent. Instant Messaging, emails, Twitter, Http Post and SMS are some example of it.

The above mention App is option which makes the Google Voice to the best. This service is going to be reach in the world as soon as possible.

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