October 31, 2015

Major Disadvantages of Jailbreaking iPhone or iPad

The design and development of iPhones in the world are not like that of a traditional phone. This is what makes them different and unique. This is what creates brand perception, equity and appreciation. An iPhone modeling, design and making goes through a variety of different processes which are sophisticated, unique and authorized. They are well-researched and thought out in order to ensure complete efficiency and long lasting quality.

Whenever you purchase an iPhone, owning it and using it is like a complete experience. It comes with a set of protocols from Apple that you have to follow in order to ensure maximum safety and smooth usage. However, sometimes to our own benefit, we tend to over-cross these protocols and define the new ones of our own. This is called "jailbreaking". 

The term jail breaking is given to it in the context that it refers to as someone who broke the jail and is now free on the run with lots of threats out there. Jailbreaking an iPhone means bypassing all the security and authorization elements that Apple has installed in the phone and also making it network free. This means no more network restrictions are in place.

Jailbreaking is done primarily downloading certain kinds of apps or to avoid network restrictions on an iPhone. In today’s tutorial, we are going to talk about the major disadvantages that you can face once you jailbreak your iPhone.

(1) Dangers of Unauthorized App

Once you jailbreak your iPhone, it is no longer in the support of Apple and its pre-designed protocols to keep it secure, safe and smoothly running. This means it is extremely vulnerable and open to any kinds of iOS errors or malware through online platforms and application stores. 

Whenever you download a certain app, it will not check the dangers or any consequences of the app on the phone because you have bypassed the protocols and this means your phone could be infected with a virus anytime and is more likely to be vulnerable than usual.

(2) No Security Level

Once your iPhone has gone through the process of jailbreak, it is no longer on the set security status and this again means your phone does not know how to keep it away from the hazards of different malware available everywhere online. 

There is no set security system in place and your iPhone is completely open without any security management tools. It also means all the information you have stored on your iPhone is also part of the threat and insecure.

(3) Cannot Synchronize With The Other Devices

If you have bypassed your iPhone through jailbreaking, it means you have removed all the systems set by Apple internally for an iPhone to recognize and connect with its fellow Apple devices or computers. It will no longer be able to connect with the other devices.

(4) No Updates

Since the protocols have now been removed, there is no way your phone can know whether to update its software or find updates for various applications. This means you cannot download newly available versions of the app or the IOS system.

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