How to Access Your Kid’s iPhone Remotely without a Jailbreak

Not looking at the security aspect before buying a smartphone can bite you down badly. But if you are an iOS user then most of your worries will be gone with the wind. And that is true only, if you know how not to get yourself stuck with inappropriate websites and applications. Jailbreak device are the ones who become infected by malware in the first place. 

If you have been thinking about monitoring your kid’s smartphone, the only viable solution is to go for an iPhone spy app without jailbreak because it doesn’t compromise the internal security of the phone. 

iphone spy software

What’s the point of installing a monitoring software when it’s making the device vulnerable to other threats? Your intent to save your child from internet anomalies will go wasted. 

Though most of the iPhone spying apps require you to jailbreak your iOS devices, there are some out there which really don’t. One such app is XNSPY that can monitor any iOS device without jailbreaking it. 

How Does XNSPY Monitor Without Jailbreak?

XNSPY simply takes the iCloud ID and password of the target user to make the monitoring work. The app simply opens a new channel that accesses data remotely from the iCloud backup without interrupting with other features of the phone. Any data taken from the device is accessible via an online control panel.

spy iphone remotely without a jailbreak

Parents can access stuff like calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries and even WhatsApp chats of their kids. The control panel also gives other cool features like toggling on/off features or changing the notifications settings. 

Why Online Safety is Important?

Kids get their hands onto smartphones and tablets quite before they can understand the right way to download and surf over the internet. Smartphones also provide them access to adult content. Kids use apps like Tinder to find dates or meet new people which are extremely dangerous. 

It’s not only necessary you handover gadgets to your kids with parental control activated but ensure they are not bypassing them and this is possible only with some third party app like XNSPY.

iPhone spy app without jailbreak is the easiest way to monitor your kids’ smartphones. Do give it a try!

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