October 6, 2014

Soda PDF: The Best and Most Affordable PDF Software

Soda PDF Review - the best and most affordable PDF Software, How to Customize a PDF within seconds!!

Creating, editing, converting or managing PDF files has been a common task for all those people who work online or who works with PDFs on a regular basis. But if you haven't a professional PDF software or the best PDF Software then dealing with PDF file may be a very tough task for you.

There are numerous of PDF Reader and Editor available on web but when it comes to select the best one then you may be in great confusion. To solve your confusion and suggesting the best PDF Software, i have searched very powerful PDF software called "Soda PDF".

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If you are a regular user of this blog then you may notice that i have already explained about almost 10 useful PDF software but Soda PDF is completely different and more powerful from all of them. Let's know in detail about it:

About Soda PDF
Soda PDF is the most useful and affordable all-in-one PDF Software which is specially designed to make all the PDF task (reading, creating, editing, converting or managing PDF files etc.) as much as simple just within few clicks.

Soda PDF was launched in April 2010 by LULU Software (It is a well-known company that creates simple and hard-working software for PC) to help PDF users by saving time and increasing their efficiency. After seeing the users interest and positive review the Company has released several versions of Soda PDF along with lots of modifications and extraordinary features. 

Currently, the people are using Soda PDF 6 but the Soda PDF software team are ready to launch their new version Soda PDF 7 which is coming with some more interesting and comfortable features. Few upcoming Soda PDF 7 features have also explained in this article.

Amazing Features of Soda PDF

Numerous helpful features are available in Soda PDF 6 but i am listing and explaining here only best Soda PDF features and hope you will find this explanation useful for you.

(1) Read PDF Files: Soda PDF allows you to open and read any PDF document with lightning fast speed, free of cost. With it you can view PDF in single page, continuous or even full screen mode. 

how to Read PDF Files

It also allows you to view PDF file in 3D mode with page flipping animation. You are also free to use the features like searching, Navigating, Zooming, Rotating, Bookmarking and even accessing or saving files from the cloud.

(2) Create PDF files: The best way to protect and share your documents is converting them into PDF files. With Soda PDF software, you can easily convert any file format (image, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or web document) into PDF files.

how to Create PDF files

(3) Convert back to PDF: Most of the PDF converters or PDF readers do not allow us to convert back to their original format from PDF format. But Soda PDF allows us to bring them back successfully to their original format without losing quality and needed information.

how to Convert back to PDF

You can freely convert documents from PDF to MS Word (.docx), MS Excel (.xlsx), MS PowerPoint (.pptx) , HTML viewable in a web browser, Text files (.txt) and, images (.png / .jpeg / .gif) etc.

(4) Edit pdf file: Soda pdf solved the common question (how to edit a pdf file?) asked by all the people. Personally i feel, Soda pdf is the best option to edit pdf file. With it you can easily add, edit or move text in your PDF document. 

how to Edit pdf file

It also offers you the options of changing the font type, size and style, replacing, moving, and deleting pages in a PDF. Most helpful thing, you can reduce PDF file size according to your wish.

(5) Insert pictures and links into PDF: Inserting pictures and links into PDF files is now not a big deal because Soda PDF provides you the facility of inserting images, clip, crop and change their resolution just with few simple clicks.

how to Insert pictures and links into PDF

(6) Review Module: Review module features is really so much helpful for all those people who want make some changes in their work and want to show client via PDF what actually they want by highlighting, underlining and strikethrough. 

how to Review PDF

You can also insert comments, sticker notes, and stamps or add shapes like arrows or stars etc.

(7) Forms Module: With the help of Soda PDF forms module you can create html forms in your pdf files. You can also add text, checkboxes, buttons and other required fields like integrate e-mail, submission and print features etc.

How to create Forms in pdf

(8) Secure and Sign Module: All know that in the online world nothing is secure but Soda PDF offering their whole effort to protect your PDF documents. You can create password and signature to protect your file and prevent the unauthorized access.

how to Secure and Sign pdf

(9) OCR PDF Module: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature has made Soda PDF more powerful and most of the people are very happy to see this awesome feature. With this feature, you can impressively turn any PDF and text locked into its images into a fully editable document.

how to use OCR in PDF

Soda PDF Products
Please don't think that Soda PDF is a simple PDF Software that helps people to do some PDF related tasks. Soda PDF provides you the complete solution (each and every task) for PDF documents by offering several of useful Products. Some of the best Soda PDF Products are following:
  • Soda PDF 6
  • Soda PDF 3D Reader
  • Soda PDF Windows 8
  • Soda PDF Mac OS
  • Soda PDF 7 (coming soon)

Valuable Attraction of Soda PDF 7

Addition to all these features (which is available in current version of Soda PDF), Soda PDF 7 coming with some very exciting features as mentioned below:

(1) Virtual Drive Integration – Dropbox and OneDrive
By adding the Virtual Drive Integration feature, Soda PDF is going to provide us more relaxation and protection too. According to the sources, now you will be able to save the converted, edited or created PDF document directly into cloud services (Dropbox and OneDrive) and which can be accessed from anywhere.

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(2) Installation Manager and Core Engine Optimization
By seeing the continuous demand of users the Soda PDF team have re-built their core engine and re-designed their installation manager to bring users the fastest and sleekest Soda PDF yet. According to the team, Soda PDF 7 will be double powerful and double fast then its current version.

(3) I.R.I.S OCR Technology
Almost all the users love the concept of OCR PDF Module. So, to make them more perfect and impressive they are ready to come up with a new technology named I.R.I.S OCR which have ability to purely recognize text hidden within the images in your PDF documents.

Plan and Pricing of Soda PDF
If you are really looking for a professional PDF software for your use then proudly go for it, I assure you will love it. Select the package according to the features you want to use and just buy. They are offering 14 days of trial for all packages which is enough to decide which one you need to buy. 

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Frankly, I would like to say that i have never seen any PDF software like Soda PDF. After seeing all features and options, you can easily reach at the conclusion of considering Soda PDF as the best and most affordable PDF Software.

Now all up to you! Feel free to share you view about Soda PDF software through the comments. Let me know - What do you think about this PDF software?

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