Socials Addict: Track How Much Time You Waste on Social Media

Track how much time you waste on Social Media using Socials Addict android app !!

It wouldn't be wrong if i say that more than 80% people are addicted to social media or waste their time on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp). Even, i am also suffering from Social Network Addiction.

Here i used the word "Waste" instead of "Spend" because according to me - it's very rare to increase the work productivity using Social Media. If you have still not realized that how much time you waste on Social Media then a very interesting and helpful android app is available for you called Socials Addict.

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What is Socials Addict?

Socials Addict is an android app which has ability to monitor your usage of social networks. The app provides you the real information by calculating the amount of time you spend on various social network apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp , Tumblr , Instagram, Kik, BBM, etc  and many other social networks too.

Socials Addict app is the brilliant concept of XDA Senior Member mohamedrashad, who understood the problem of this social network generation and tried to show the truth (how much time we spend on social media) through the app.

How to use Socials Addict android app?

If you want to use this helpful app then visit Google play store and search for "Socials Addict" and then install Socials Addict android app on your android smartphone. You can also follow the link given at the end of this article to land directly on the Socials Addict android app page.

Once the app is successfully installed on your smartphone, open the app to activate and start tracking. Socials Addict android app runs in the background (silently) once you activate it, and it will immediately start the timers on different social networking apps on your android phone.

Socials Addict, Socials Addict android app, Social Media, Social Network Addiction, Track How Much Time You Waste on   Social Media, Manage Social Network Addiction

According to the user’s reviews, two downside of Socials Addict android app is detected. One, you will see the option to select which apps you want to monitor but it’s not working. Second, few much popular social networking apps like Google+, Messenger and Hangouts are not included in the monitoring option. But these little bugs will fix very soon through the Social Addict developer team.

Overall, Socials Addict is a mind-blowing app and genuinely going to help its users very much. We all know very well that our most of the time goes waste on social media in contacting our family, chatting till hours with friends, sharing news and checking various things online from all across the world. If you really wish to save your valuable time then you must try this awesome android app.

Additional information about Socials Addict android app:

App name: Socials Addict
App size: 886k
Current Version: 6.1
Requires Android: 2.3 and up

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