Shorte.St Review: The Best Link Shortener to Make Money Online

Shorte.St Review - the best link shortener to make money online, How to earn money online by Shorte.St URL shortening service!!

URL Shortener or Link shortener allows us to shorten URLs to make them easier. People use link shortener to shorten their website's URL because they want to provide their audience a very short and easy to remember URL.

Several essential URL Shorteners like,,, DyingLinks, TinyURL, SnipURL, etc are available on the web but most of the people love to use a special link shortener called Shorte.St.

Do you know why Shorte.St is so special and popular among the people?

Because it not only allows you to shorten URLs but also provides a great opportunity to make money online.

Yes, you heard right!  You can easily earn money using Shorte.St. Let's know in details about it:

About Shorte.St

Shorte.St is an European based link shortener site which is specially designed to provide a best way to earn money online. The team of Shorte.St are very determined and internet enthusiasts. They created an amazing link shortener which is connected with advertising network.

In simple words it can be said that if you shorten a link and shared on social media or anywhere else and when someone click on it then you will get paid. Isn't it an amazing way to earn money online?

Shorte.St Review

Most interesting thing, Shorte.St has an unique style of showing ads where viewer will be redirected to the original link just within 5 sec. It means, your website audience won't be affected anymore because it's showing ads before going on your site. If you want to know how it works then click here

If you are working online from a long time and still not making decent money as much you want then making money through Shorte.St can be the besy way to generate some extra revenues apart from our main work.

The best thing with this link shortener, you haven't to work daily for many hours. Just spend only one or two hours and you can earn $$$ easily. According to my experience, anybody can easily make $100 a month with Shorte.St link shortener if he/she works with enthusiasm and continuity. So, without taking your much time let me explain how to join Shorte.St and earn money through it.

How to Join Shorte.St and Make Money Online

Step (1): At first, Signed Up here to start a new account with Shorte.St link shortener. You can use either your Email ID or your Facebook account to Sign Up.

Sign up for Shorte.St

Step (2): After filling the form you have to activate your account just by clicking back to your Inbox.

Step (3): Once your account is activated, you are ready to shorten URLs.

Step (4): Now, visit to the website or post page (which URL you want to shorten and share on social media) and Copy the URL.

Step (5): Paste the copied URL on URL box and clik on Shorten button.

Shorte.St link shortener

 Step (6): Just after clicking, you will get the shorten URL. Now copy the shorten URL and share it wherever you want. 

Shorte.St link shortener to make money online

Step (7): Now when someone click on this URL then you will get paid.

Sign Up From Here
That's it! Don't you think? This is the simplest and best way to earn money online?

I have noticed that most of the people who are making some decent money by shortening links through the Shorte.St link shortening service use Facebook groups (which have large numbers of followers) to share their shorten links. Currently, i am using Facebook, twitter and Google plus in order to share my shorten links.

Most important thing it also offers you the facility of affiliates marketing means you can earn money by the affiliate links. The fixed commission on your each referral is 20 %.

To get your affiliate link, from your dashboard click on Statistics option --> Referrals tab. Now from the Referrals page copy referral link and after that spread it among the interested users/audience (who want to make money online) and earn 20% commissions on referrals. For example here's the screenshot of my Referrals link.

Shorte.St the Best link shortener to make money online

Shorte.St Payout Rates, Payout Mode and Payment Proof

Payout Rates: The Payouts rates are updated daily according to the Advertiser demands around all over the Globe. But they always offer nice rates which is very profitable for you. Since, the rate varies from country to country so you need to share your links with those audiences from where you can get nice views and rates. You can see updated everyday rates from here.

Payout Mode: In current time, they Send Payment with Either Paypal or Payoneer. Your earnings will be automatically paid on 10th day of each month but the condition is if your earnings have reached a total of $5 or more. 

I would like to suggest you to use Paypal account for get paid because the minimum withdrawal of Payoneer is $20 while the minimum withdrawal of Paypal is $5. To receive the payment from Shorte.St, please fill up all the required fields correctly in the settings section.

Payment Proof: I know you are excited to see the payment proof because it inspires you to do the work with more passion and interest. So here's the Payment Proof screenshot:

Shorte.St Review: The Best link shortener to make money online

Thus you can see how much useful is to use Shorte.St link shortener. 

Author's Suggestion:
I am using Shorte.St from previous one year and six months and my experience says: Shorte.St is the Best link shortener to make money online because it has very low payout rate, good eCPM and click value, very easy interface and easy to access. So, what are you waiting for?

Start Making Money Online with Shorte.St Link Shortener:

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