How to Block Websites on Google Chrome Browser

Several reasons may be to block websites or web pages on your android smartphone or computer

In most of the case reason may be: either you want to prevent your kids from the use of prohibited websites or you want to only focus on your work and don't want to lose your focus from doing productive work by accessing other distracting sites when you work on internet.

We all know very well that Google chrome is the best browser on the web world and more than 40% internet users love to use Google chrome browser. So, we must have knowledge of blocking websites on chrome, it will help us very much when needed.

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Today, i will show how you can easily block specific website on Google chrome. Speciality of this tutorial is that we are not recommending you to download any software from untrusted sources to block website. Only, you have to add a chrome extension on your Google chrome browser and then you can easily block websites according to your wish. So, let's find out the tips and tricks:

Block Websites on Google chrome using Website Blocker (Beta)

Step (1): At first, go to chrome web store and install Website Blocker (Beta) extension on your browser.

Step (2): After installation complete, you will see a blue colour Website Blocker icon in top right side of your chrome browser.

Step (3): Now when you want to block any website, go to the website which you want to block and then click Website Blocker icon.

Step (4): After clicking, black colour pop-up box will appear on your screen. Here, you have to enter the blocking time (for how much time you want to block that website) and then click on "Block This!" button.

block websites on Google chrome

You are done! Your selected website has been blocked successfully. Now wherever you will open the blocked website, you will be able to see error message as shown below:

block websites

Block Websites on Google chrome using Block Site

Step (1): Firstly, from the chrome web store install Block Site extension on your browser.

Step (2): When installation complete, click in the permission box to give the permission to access your browsing data.

Step (3): Now click on "Extension Settings" after the extension loads.

Step (4): On the setting page, click on "Block Site" option and then enter the URL of website which you wish to block and then click on "Add Page" button.

How to block websites

Step (5): And from the above option, click on "ON" to enable block site.

After enabling Block Site option, when you will access blocked site then you will see error message as shown below.

block websites on Google chrome browser

Thus you can imagine that blocking websites in Google Chrome is how much easy. There are lots of other chrome extension are available on chrome web store but these two ("Website Blocker" and "Block Site") are the best and very easy to use extension for blocking websites on chrome.

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I personally use Website Blocker extension to block particular website on chrome browser. Please, feel free to share through the comments - What tips and tricks or extension you use to block websites on Google chrome browser?
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