August 29, 2014

Fix Android Boot Loop Issue on Xiaomi Mi3 Android Smartphone

Have you faced or still facing the Android Boot Loop Issue on Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone?

If yes, then it's not a huge problem. If you are not familiar then i would like to inform you that Android Boot Loop Issue is a common problem which is being faced by lots of Xiaomi Mi3 users. Even, few days back i have also faced this problem on my Mi3 phone.

Most of the people who haven't still purchased the Xiaomi Mi3 android phone are looking for the next releasing date while some of those people who have already brought Xiaomi Mi3 they are busy in enjoying all the amazing features of Mi3 and solving problems related to it.

If you owning Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone and facing the problem of android boot loop on your device then this android tutorial is just appropriate for you. Below mentioned tips and tricks are very simple to follow and you can do it within seconds.

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Most of the time, this problem appears when you start updating your android phone to the new version through the recovery mode or by flashing the rom on your device. Several users faced this issue when they were updated their Mi3 android phone with the MIUI 6 beta version. 

But there is no need to be worried, simply follow the below shown instruction and you will be able to fix the android boot loop issue on your Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone very easily. Here's the step by step guide:

How to fix Android Boot Loop Issue on Xiaomi Mi3
Step (1): we have detected two types of cases:

If your Xiaomi Mi3 phone is restarting continuously and you are being able to see the homescreen of your device. Then firstly, go to the Update and simply press the menu button then select the option of “Reboot to Recovery Mod”.


If your Xiaomi Mi3 android phone stuck on the MI logo. Then at first, turn it off by pressing the power button and just after a few seconds press "volume UP +power" button to inter into recovery.

Step (2): After entering in recovery mode, from the menu select “English” language.

Step (3): And then from the main menu select the option of “Wipe & Reset”.

Step (4): On the next screen, just select "Wipe all Data" option.

Step (5): Now select "Yes" option to confirm wipe all data on your phone.

When all above steps are completed successfully, go back to the main menu and reboot your android device. Now your Xiaomi Mi3 android phone will boot and you will be able to see home screen on your phone without continuous restart.

If you think that this tutorial helped you to fix android boot loop issue on Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone then write your view in comment section. Your valuable comments will help me to come up with more innovative tutorials. 

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