How to Share Files Up to 5GB for Free

We all know the importance of file sharing and to share files we use various file sharing services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and many other renowned cloud storage services. But some people want to try (use) something new.

If you do not wish to use your personal cloud storage account for sharing a file with friends or if you have been bored by using these usual apps/services and want to use an interesting file sharing service which have very simple using process and large file sharing capacity then "File Dropper" is an appropriate option for you. Let’s know about File Dropper:

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What is File Dropper?
File Dropper is a very useful and simple free file hosting service that allows users to easily transfer large files (Up to 5GB for Free). Even no registration or account creation is required to use this service. Only you need to upload your file and then share the given link with friends.

How to use File Dropper to Share Files
Firstly, go to File Dropper website. On the website you will see a big white & green colour File Upload box at the bottom of the page. Click on Upload file box and upload the file (which you want to share). Just after uploading the file a big progress bar will notify you the upload progress.

How to Share Files Up to 5GB for Free

When your file will be completely uploaded, it will automatically redirect you to the new page. On the redirected page you will get a direct link and an embed link to share the file with friends as shown in below screenshot. 
How to Share Files Up to 5GB for Free

Now start sharing the link wherever you want to share your file. When someone will click on the link then a window will appear as shown below to download the file. They will be able to get the shared file just by filling captcha on the download page.

How to Share Files Up to 5GB for Free
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That's it! What do you think? Isn’t it too good?

Important Note: Since, this file sharing service is free. File Dropper has also few important conditions for storing your files for a long time on their server. If your shared link does not get any downloads within 30 days then your file will be deleted from File Dropper server. 

Your files will available on their server as long as it gets downloaded. Or, if you have a premium account then your files will be never deleted.

Anyone having access to the link can freely download your file. Because, with this service you cannot add any type of password protection while sharing your file.

The file Dropper's privacy policy says that users email address will be not shared or sold to anyone. But by any reason, if you think that any file shared through File Dropper is violating the DMCA or other copyright agreement then you can freely request File Dropper to remove/delete your file from their server.

Thus we can see that File Dropper is really an awesome file sharing service. Lots of people are loving it because it's very simple to use and required only a few clicks to Share Large Files Online. I am very excited to know your opinion about this Free File Hosting service, please let us know via your valuable comments.
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