How to Download Subtitles Automatically on Mac and Windows

Seriously, finding appropriate subtitles for movies and TV shows is one of the most difficult tasks. Sometime you find the movie subtitles of your favourite actors or actress till hours and after that when you not get the correct subtitles then you feel so much annoying and depressed.

Only you are not facing this kind of problem, so many people are the victim of this problem. There are lots of online tools and websites are available on the web which provides you the option for searching the accurate subtitles for your favourite movies or favourite TV show but I know you are not happy with them.

It may be that you have already tried various other ways such as download Subtitles automatically With VLC Media Player or download subtitles using media player classic, but today in this article i am going to explain about an easiest way to download Subtitles automatically on your Mac and Windows system using Subtitleapp.

Subtitleapp is a free application available for all the windows and MAC users. It has ability to support any type of video. The app doesn't care that which codec or extension your file uses, it will work on all. Subtitleapp supports 40+ languages and its interface is basically translated to English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Let's know how it works on Mac and Windows.

How to Automatically Download Subtitles with Subtitleapp

At first, go to the website and download the application on your MAC or Windows PC. The application is not of a big size, so it will take only one or two minutes to download. After the downloading, install it on your system. Once the application is installed on your computer successfully, you will be able to see a new shortcut icon on your desktop named Subtitles.
Now open the installed application then a window will appear as shown in below screenshot. After that you have to drag and drop the video file into the Subtitles app window, and see the magic of this amazing app.

How to Download Subtitles Automatically on Mac and Windows

Once the video file (which subtitles you want to get) is dropped on this application, it will automatically search for the appropriate subtitle and will save the searched subtitle file on your movie or video folder. The interesting thing is the app makes correct the name of subtitle files exactly and when you will play the video it automatically gets loaded. 

How to Download Subtitles Automatically on Mac and Windows

Subtitles app analyses completely the contents of video files, so it works easily even if your movies or video file don’t have the correct name.

Thus we can imagine about the usefulness of Subtitles app. According to me, this is the best way to download subtitles of movies and TV shows. I have checked out (used) this application on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, it worked very smoothly.

I will suggest you to use this amazing application if you are feeling the difficulty of finding accurate subtitle. Give a try and share your view with us through your valuable comment. Looking for more interesting step by step tutorials, Windows tricks, Windows 8 apps then check out our Windows Tips section.
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