How to Compress Images without Losing Quality

If you are a web developer or working for any website then you would know very well about the importance of images in a smaller size. Images are one of the most responsible factors to increase page loading time of web pages and this is the main reason all the web developers or Bloggers want to use images of very less size to make blog or website faster.

Even in daily use if you want to send pictures of any events, ceremony or party with your friends and family members then you can't send lots of pictures at a time due to big file size. In this condition, you need image compression software or an online image compression tool to reduce Image size.

How to Compress Images without Losing Quality

There are countless image resizer tools available on the web to compress images but most of them affect the quality of images. Luckily, some very useful tools are available to help you. Today in this post, i am going to list some very popular and the best image resizer tools which have the ability to compress images without losing quality.

Top 5 Websites to Compress Images Without Losing Quality

TinyPNG is one of the most useful and popular online tool that helps you to compress images effectively. As the name indicates, it is used to compress only PNG images. So, if you want to compress PNG images then TinyPNG is suitable solution for you. I am using this tool from a year and noticed that its compression rate is very unspoilt.

JPEGmini is also a very nice tool that allows you to compress images without affecting the images quality. It offers you the facility to compress images only in JPEG format. It proudly claims to reduce the image size up to 5 times with continuing their original quality. Try and share your view with us.

Webresizer is another helpful online image compression tool which supports GIF, JPG and PNG files. With this tool you can easily crop images, rotate, make them sharper, add a border, compare Image Sizes, or even add tint, exposure or contrast. Only you have to visit the website, upload images and get the compressed images.

CompressJPEG and CompressPNG are sister-sites; I am saying this because both are with completely the same interface. Only one difference is, CompressJPEG allows you to compress JPEG images while CompressPNG allows you to compress PNG images. 

With these tools you can process a queue of up to 20 files at a time. Both are my favourate tools and i like to use them whenever i feel needed. is also a well-known Image Compression tool. With you can either upload images on the tool or enter the source URL of the image you wish to Compress. It also claims to remove needless bytes from the images, without damaging the quality. It supports the formats of JPG, PNG and GIF images.

If you want to reduce image size then must try these image resizer tools, i assure you will feel attracted. Please, share your view with us about these useful tools through comments.

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