GoEuro - Find the Best Way to Travel in Europe

If you want to go for a European tour along with your family or friends and for that you are looking for the best way to travel in Europe then this article will help you a lot. In this article i am describing you about - how you can make your European journey easier and more enjoyable.

If you are a regular reader of Howtouncle then you would know very well that i always share tutorials, tips and tricks about all the useful online tools or product for your comfort. Today again i am going to share about a new and advantageous travel Search Guide which will help you to start your European journey just with one click called "GoEuro".

GoEuro - Find the Best Way to Travel in Europe

What is GoEuro?

GoEuro is a relatively new project based in Berlin, Germany. This meta-search site compares and combines train, bus, car and plane travel, showing users the results in form of the cheapest and/or the fastest route. Search results are up to date and clearly display travel time and cost for multiple modes of travel.

 The goal is to make traveling in Europe as easy as it's possible. The online platform is already optimized for UK, Germany, Spain, Netherland, Belgium and Luxemburg. New countries are announced regularly.  

GoEuro - Find the Best Way to Travel in Europe

How does it work?

It combines all part of your journey such as: bus to the airport, plane, and train from the airport to the center. That makes it unique and handy. Thanks to this you don’t have to go trough distinct websites and can only use one. 

What is interesting GoEuro came to birth after the extremely overwhelming experience of trying to plan a four-month backpacking trip across Europe. While the trip was fun, planning it was more complicated, more time-consuming, and much more expensive than it could have been if we had known about other options and hidden costs in advance. Thus, GoEuro.com was created to give travellers more travelling knowledge, transparency, control, and strength over trip planning.

GoEuro seems to be a useful tool while planning a trip in Europe, where every country has its own transportation system and regulations. Trying to combine it all together is a very ambitious plan and I wish them good luck! 

I hope you liked this simple but informative guide about GoEuro. Feel free to share your comments with us. We are waiting for your lovely comments. Looking for more online tips and tricks, apps, step by step tutorials then check out our Internet section.
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